Electric car maker details new 10-year plan, including its goal of venturing into new automotive segments

Tesla founder Elon Musk has released Tesla’s new long-term manifesto, signaling the start of the company’s new direction for the next ten years. The manifesto, called “Part Deux,” is part of the Tesla Master Plan and it comes on the heels of the company completing “Part One,” which was released 10 years ago. There are a number of important details contained within the new plan, all of which are tied into the company’s overarching plan of creating a sustainable future for everyone in the planet.

It might sound like an ambitious goal, but Tesla has proven in the past decade that its goals are less about meeting them one by one, but more about creating an ecosystem of change and advancement that ties every one of its goals together. So as the company prepares to embark on Part Deux of its master plan, it’s making clear that one of its goals is to expand its lineup and venture into new automotive segments. It’s already made an important imprint in the premium sedan and SUV markets, but now it’s eyeing more models, including a future compact SUV and a new pickup truck to add to its growing family of electric vehicles. But that’s just on the consumer side of things.

Just as important is the company’s goal of addressing other types of electric vehicles, most notable heavy-duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transports. According to Musk, both models are in the early stages of development and are primed to make their debuts some time in 2017. The Tesla Semi, in particular, is being prepared to provide a “substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport to go with an increased priority in road safety.” Meanwhile, the urban transports are being developed to address the need to improve traffic congestion all over the world.

Coinciding with plans to venture into new automotive segments and providing real-world improvements to public transport, Tesla is also embarking on an equally ambitious goal of reinventing its production methods. A big part of this reinvention is to improve the machines that make the cars in an effort to make production faster and more efficient than the current setup. Being able to do this allows Tesla to increase the volume of production for its models, be it on the consumer side or the public utility side.

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Why it matters

If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn about Elon Musk and Tesla, it’s that we shouldn’t dismiss them and their ambitious goals. Many people did that 10 years ago and were proven wrong while watching Musk and Tesla accomplish its objectives one at a time. Some of the same people who criticized Tesla for its audacity back in 2006 probably own a Model S now.

In all seriousness, the Part Deux master plan is more than just laying out what the company plans to do for the next decade. It’s also a call-to-action for everybody to join the crusade of championing sustainability, not just in the automotive industry, but in other important aspects of life as well. Tesla’s message is clear. It wants to be considered a leader of change and it’s effectively telling everyone its plans on how it can accomplish its goals.

It’s a great message that a lot of people can get behind. Musk said it best when he explained the importance of achieving a sustainable energy economy. Not addressing it will eventually lead to the end of civilisation. It’s not the most massaged way to express that sentiment, but no amount of massaging the truth will change the fact that without purposefully addressing the need for sustainability, we’re effectively dooming ourselves.

That said, it’s no secret that there’s also a business side to this new master plan. Expanding its model lineup addresses that, especially if the company’s plans to launch a compact SUV and a pickup truck both come to fruition. The latter, in particular, would be an industry first and in this market alone where pickups are one of the most popular models, having an EV pickup truck that can perform like its gas-powered counterparts while effectively emitting no emissions is going to be a big hit. If anything, Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler should take heed of what Tesla’s planning to do.

An EV pickup truck may have sounded ridiculous 10 years ago, but today, it could revolutionize the segment altogether. And just like with the Roadster, Model S, and Model X, Tesla is once again leading the way in bringing it to life.

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