Young designer slices off an old Mini and uses it as a wall hanging

Art comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and depending on how somebody interprets it; it can also come from something as mind-boggling as a sliced-off body of a Mini.

This particular Mini – or at least parts of it – hangs on a kitchen wall that was designed by Danish stylist Katrine Martensen-Larsen in her infusive attempt at incorporating modern amenities while retaining an authentic, traditional – not to mention, old school - feel.

According to Martensen-Larsen, the design of this kitchen was borne out of her motivation to create a kitchen that seamlessly infuses up-to-date and modern appliances with a uniquely antique setting. The result is this work-of-art that left us pretty impressed with the young designers’ work. And yes, that sliced-off Mini is a true attention-grabber, so much so in fact that people who’ve seen the room first notices that big yellow shell of a car hanging precariously on top of the sink.


Source: Apartment Therapy

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  (380) posted on 05.19.2010

That’s cool! looks she’s really a no. 1 fan of mini that’s why this type of a car she choose to slice and hang it on her kitchen.

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