Is this a glimpse at the future of automotive customization and manufaacturing

The idea of customizing one’s car at factory level is fascinating. Recently, BMW released an online customizer for the M5. However, a startup company called "Hackrod" is trying to 3D print the cars designed by the customers themselves. How cool is that?!

The future is here...

Hackrod claims to take on “the traditional approach to automobile manufacturing that will enable the rapid prototyping of bespoke vehicle solutions and will place the consumer as co-creator in the automotive space.” In short, customers can design their cars, and Hackrod will 3D print them using prototypes created by special software. Furthermore, Hackrod will initially use design templates for the customers to choose from. On a lighter note, every kid who scribbles and doodles a design on a piece of paper can see it become a reality, thanks to Hackrod!

A little too aggressive, Hackrod?

Your car doodles can now come to life!
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The company’s official description reads, “Hackrod is currently laying claim to the world’s first car designed in virtual reality, engineered by artificial intelligence, made with the full potential of advanced manufacturing, and delivered by the supply chain of the future.” In fact, Hackrod believes the whole vehicle manufacturing process is stuck in the 20th century. Once the technology is fully developed, only stuff like hardware integration, engineering analysis, etc. will be done digitally. Everything else will be customized by the customer.

Our Take

Your car doodles can now come to life!
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However exciting this may sound, it’s not as easy as Hackrod makes it seems. A lot of science goes into designing a car. Manufacturers will certainly oppose this. Also, there is no information on government’s standing on the whole idea. Will they support this? How about the legalities? Too many unknowns here. Nevertheless, this could become a standard practice should Hackrod’s process prove to be feasible.


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Source: Microventures - Hackrod

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