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Your Dreams Of Owning A Toyota GR Super Sport Just Went Up in Flames…Literally

One explosive crash may have sealed the casket on the Road-Legal Toyota GR Super Sport Hypercar

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In mid-2018 we learned that Toyota was planning a road-going hypercar to complement its WEC racer and, a few months later, we laid eyes on the concept for the first time. Toyota has apparently been hard at work, and even revealed a camouflaged prototype earlier in 2021, but all of that may have been for nothing if the newest report coming out of Japan is correct. In short, the road-going GR Super Sport has been canceled after a horrendous crash and burn during testing.

Is the Toyota GR Super Sport Concept Cancelled?

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As of now, there’s no official word from Toyota about what’s happening with the road-going GR Super Sport. Racer magazine, which cites various Japanese media outlets, claims that a pre-production prototype was involved in an accident at Fuji Speedway. Apparently, the hybrid hypercar caught on fire and, as you’d expect, sustained some rather serious damages. Things were apparently so bad that Toyota has chosen to abort the whole project altogether – something that goes along with initial rumors that the crash “may well bring the road car project to a premature end.”

For what it’s worth, however, this accident is only allegedly affecting the road-going car and not the GR010 race car. That car, by the way, and according to is doing much better and even completed a shakedown last weekend with two cars at Spa-Francorchamps. With all of this said, it seems the only thing we may have left of the GR Super Sport is the video below at Fuji Speedway when company CEO, Akio Toyoda, spent some time behind the wheel:

Toyota GR Super Sport – Looking Back

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If Toyota really is bringing an end to the GR Super Sport before it even launches, we’re missing out on something special. Not only was the car going to feature race-derived technology, but a patent even suggests it would feature a canopy section – something that would make you feel like it was a real race car, even on the road.

Power would have come from a twin-turbo 2.4-liter V-6 and a mysterious hybrid system that would have had a total output of anywhere between 986 horsepower and closer to 1,100.

Pricing, on the other hand, would have made the Lexus LFA – a car that Toyota still hasn’t sold out after a decade – look like a bargain. Toyota Australia’s spokesperson, Orlando Rodrigues, claimed it would easily cost supercar money

“It's probably at that hypercar sort of level. Pricing? It's going to be at that level.”
Your Dreams Of Owning A Toyota GR Super Sport Just Went Up in Flames…Literally Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Even more than that, Toyota wasn’t willing to sell one of these special cars to just anyone. You’d have to meet a special criteria – kind of like buying a new Ferrari or some other limited-production exotic. In short, owning a Lexus LFA or a Toyota 2000GT might help, as would possessing an FIA racing license, but even then, there would be no guarantee. But, it looks like we may never find out.

Source: Racer Magazine

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