• Your Pickup Truck Is Secretly Begging for the Elongator Tailgate

A nifty product for your truck that takes care of the hauling and loading woes

Until a couple of years ago, no one ever thought that even tailgates on trucks could do anything other than opening and closing, as they were basic flip doors used to access the truck bed. In fact, the power tailgate itself was quite a revelation when it was first introduced. Since then, automakers like GM and Ram have explored this area a bit more and have come up with tailgates that can do much more than just giving access to the bed. Although such tailgates are immensely useful, they are still not standard issue and can’t be had on every trim of every truck. This left a vacuum for aftermarket companies like Elongator to fill. Elongator is one product that everyone needs, but no has one offered; until now..

What’s So Special About This Tailgate?

The Elongator tailgate is basically a plug-and-play unit that can be swapped with the stock tailgate on your truck.

The company claims that the whole installation process takes less than five minutes. Currently, it offers tailgates for more popular, mainstream brands like Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC. Elongator calls the tailgate the “Swiss Army Knife”, and it lives up to its name, at least on paper.

On the onset, the tailgate looks well-built, but it does not sit as flush as stock ones. But this isn’t an eyesore by any means. Flip it open and you will see that the inner wall has cutouts for you to pull it out easier. It is held by four hinges and can be set at different angles depending on your requirements. It can be locked at 180 degrees to increase your load capacity as well. This flat extension increases the tailgate’s length by almost two feet.

The Elongator tailgate can hold up to 850 pounds.
Underneath this fold-out system are two aluminum ramps that can be used to load anything into the truck bed, like ATVs and mountain bikes.

The fold-out can further be flipped down and locked at 210 degrees. With this setting, you can mount the ramps anywhere along the pre-cut holes on the fold-out. The ramps have a hole pattern to offer traction while loading, especially ATVs that need friction when climbing up. The best part about it is the attention to detail that Elongator has given on this product. For instance, two holes in the fold-out are painted differently, indicating where to put your fingers to pull it up. Beneath it are two finger pockets so that you won’t pinch your fingers while lifting the fold-out.

GMC And Ram Also Have Multipurpose Tailgates

On the onset, this is a day-to-day need that, surprisingly, no one had capitalized on. Ram and GM recently launched the Multifunction and MultiPro tailgates, respectively.

Ram’s Multifunction tailgate features a 60:40 split-type door gate that can open like a regular door, or be flipped down like a conventional tailgate.

The 60:40 split makes it more practical than a 50:50 setup would have. Interestingly, the MultiFunction Tailgate doesn’t have a deployable stepper. Instead, the stepper kicks out from under the bumper. This tailgate itself can support about 2,000 pounds. That’s impressive!

2019 GMC Sierra
- image 821550

GM’s MultiPro tailgate can be seen only on GMC’s trucks for now. I guess that’s because the Sierra has always been overshadowed by its cousin, the Silverado. However, it has been spotted on the next-gen Silverado as well, so it may eventually make its way to certain Silverado models as well.

The six-mode tailgate can work as a standing desk or can be folded down to create a step into the bed.

It is basically two tailgates wherein a fold-out stopper can be deployed from the inner tailgate. It can be operated at a push of a button or via the key fob. The MultiPro tailgate, unlike the massive 2,000-pound capacity of Ram’s Multifunction tailgate, can support just 375 pounds, and has two buttons for operation and the inner gate release.

Final Thoughts

Your Pickup Truck Is Secretly Begging for the Elongator Tailgate
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Elongator sells it’s tailgate solution for $2,750 a pop. It might seem a little too steep but it comes with a lot of utility. If you use the truck bed often to haul heavy things, especially stuff like ATVs and quad bikes, the Elongator tailgate is a nifty product to have. You can additionally get a camera and a locking handle for $200. The setup comes in a matte black shade as standard and you get it painted yourself. The company says it includes a special UV coating for sunlight protection which also prevents it from fading along with a three-year warranty. What are your thoughts on it? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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