Your Wish is BMW’s Command, M6 to Get a Manual Transmission Option

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In recent years we have all seen three pedal setups going the way of the three-on-the-tree gear shifter, as automakers have pretty much perfected the automatic transmission. Even those looking to save a few bucks in gas don’t even have to opt for the manual transmission anymore, as the difference between the two is negligible and sometimes automatics are even more efficient than their manual counterparts.

The thing is that some people – myself included – just like the feeling of control we have over the car when shifting a manual transmission and no dual-clutch, paddle-shit auto can fulfill our control-freak ways. This became a bit of a problem when BMW decided it was time to bring the M6 back to the States, as our European friends are just fine with its dual-clutch 7-speed automatic and BMW had no need to fit it with a manual. This brought some concern to those looking to snatch up the M6 the second it hits U.S. showrooms.

Well, it looks like BMW still pays a significant attention to its American market, as according to reports, there will be a 6-speed manual option on the America-bound BMW M6. There is a little uncertainty as to whether it will make it in time to be on the 2013 model year or if we’ll have to wait for the 2014 model year to see the 6-speed gearbox.

We’re willing to put a dollar on the fact that it will indeed make it into the 2013 model year, as BMW does not want to lose a portion of its 2013 M6 sales to us three-pedal connoisseurs. Either way, we are happy to see the M6 returning, goofy engine sound effects and all, but we really want to feel that 560 horsepower as we slam through the six gears.

We’ll update you the second we get confirmation on what model year will get the manual option.

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