YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang
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YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang

’TheSketchMonkey’ goes to town and comes up with what he thinks the upcoming ’Stang could look like

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The next-gen S650 Ford Mustang has so far been spotted testing on the road with heavy camouflage. While those photos didn’t reveal much, they gave off enough details for YouTuber Bembli, aka TheSketchMonkey to highlight some minor characteristics that you’d typically overlooked and he eventually managed to put out a rendering of what the S650 Mustang could look like.


YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang
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The YouTuber begins by touching upon how the design of the Mustang has evolved over the years. He particularly drew his attention to the Mustang the fifth-gen model that debuted in the early 2000s.

YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang
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Having said that, the upcoming car clearly seems to carry over the same silhouette of the current car

Fast forward to today, and now, given that the S650 Ford Mustang will be offered to a global audience, expect several design alterations on the upcoming car, which could potentially make the whole thing look a lot less muscle car-like and more like a sports car, all while still retaining the Mustang aesthetic.

The Render

YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang
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Now spy shots of the upcoming S650 Mustang have already been doing the rounds already, but they really don’t reveal much

As this video demonstrates, the car appears to be identical to the S550 Mustang, at least in its overall form. The focus of this mock-up though is primarily on the front of the, which seems to borrow a lot from the current Mustang Mach-E.

YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang
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This means that the next Mustang could look radically different from the front. To begin with, he superimposes the Mach-E’s facia onto the current car

The designer manages to somehow integrate these subtle design cues with those of the S650’s spy shots. Take the headlights, for instance. They are identical to the ones seen on the Mach-E albeit with a few subtle tweaks to make the three lights look a lot more harmonious.

A side-by-side of this rendering along with the S550 Mustang highlights the differences between the current model and what could very well be the next Mustang.

The End Result

YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang
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Now, this is just a concept of sorts and you should take it with a grain of salt. I can’t say for sure if this is what the S650 Mustang will look like until some more substantial spy shots of the car come along. But until that happens then this mockup serves us well and isn’t too bad.

YouTuber Re-Imagines Next-Gen Ford Mustang
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Here’s how his digital mock-up compares to the current car. Do you dig this design? Swipe to watch the video and read more.

While that’s the design part taken care of, there will, without a doubt, be a powertrain for everybody, and the S650 Mustang will be available in both hybrid and ICE forms. With an all-electric Dodge muscle car in the works, I’d be hard-pressed to imagine that Ford won’t follow suit with an all-electric Mustang.

You can watch the Marouane have a go at the next-gen Mustang in the video below

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