The last time Zahir Rana was behind the wheel of his beloved Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution, he plunged it straight into the Atlantic Ocean at the Targa Newfoundland Rally late last year.

Since that fateful dive, the car has been in the care of Edo Competition, who was given the unenviable job of restoring the €2 million race car back to tip-top shape. After several months of intensive work, Zahir Rana flew from his home in Calgary to see that repairs for his pride and joy are nearing completion.

As a man with an insatiable thirst for speed, Rana asked the folks at Edo Competition to give his XX Evolution a complete styling and performance make-over. On the aesthetic front, the Enzo XX Evolution is expected to be given the styling treatment of the Ferrari FXX whereas the engine, which previously produced 840 horsepower, is now being modified to deliver a staggering 950 horsepower.

A few months ago, Rana’s Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution was swimming with the fishes in the Atlantic. Today, it’s nearing its full repairs and is poised to come back better and faster than ever.


Source: edo competition

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  (19) posted on 04.19.2012

Is this the one that isn’t a real FXX? Looks to me like the guy either needs a phonebook under him in the seat, or to take up a new hobby.

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