Congratulations to the British automaker for hitting a tremendous milestone

Startup automakers often run into numerous problems on their way to becoming relevant in the industry. Some don’t even make it past the planning stages and those who end up moving past them encounter new sets of problems along the way. Then there’s Zenos Cars, a U.K.-based automaker that has seemingly defied all these odds after celebrating the delivery of its 100th vehicle.

Building that many cars in a span of 18 months is considered a preposterous for the industry’s established brands. But for a company that was founded just four years ago, it’s a massive accomplishment that’s worth celebrating. It’s especially true for Zenos, who saw one of its founders, Ansar Ali, leave for a job at McLaren. But after everything it’s been through, the relatively small operation has succeeded where a lot of startups have failed.

Delivery of the 100th Zenos vehicle, a 350-horsepower E10 R, was taken by its new owners, Matthew and Georgina Streeter, who actually traded up from their older E 10 S to get the top-spec E 10 R. As impressive as hitting that key milestone is, the company looks to be in good financial shape to the point that it already has a presence in 10 different markets all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and North America.

There’s no telling where Zenos goes from here, but if it continues to stay the course and build for the future, the next 100 units to be built should take less than the 18 months it took to build the first 100.

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The rewards of hard work and determination

It may not be the biggest or most important news of the day, but it is significant because it shows what can happen if a startup automaker does things the right way. That’s not to say that it’s been a smooth ride for Zenos in the four years that it’s been around, but for a company that was literally started from nothing, getting to this point is a massive achievement.

This achievement also shows why the auto industry is an amazing business. Forget the business side of it or the controversies that routinely arise from within the industry. What Zenos has been able to do as a four-year old company is why this business is so cool. I don’t want to sound cliche, but yes, the auto industry can help make dreams come true. What Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards started back in 2012 has evolved into a legitimate company that’s as promising as any new automaker that’s in the business today. It took a lot of hard work and I’m sure there were a few bumps in the road along the way, but somehow Zenos has gotten to this point on its own and the company and the people running it deserve a lot of credit for that.

Congratulations on the 100th build, Zenos! Here’s to an even brighter future ahead!

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