Denmark may not be particularly famous for building cars, but Zenvo, the Danish automaker, is planning on changing that perception.

If first impressions are any indication, then the company’s first offering, the ST1, will undoubtedly put the company on the map. Powered by a 7.0-liter supercharged V8 that produces 1104 horsepower – that’s about 103 more ponies than the fabled Bugatti Veyron – the ST1 is about as badass as a supercar can get.

The good news for us is that the car is coming to the US. The bad news is that Zenvo will only be making 15 units of the ST1 per year. The even more depressing news is that the company has released the price tag of the supercar.

And if there’s anything beneath depressing news, then it’s what the price tag says: according to Red Sea, the US distributor for the supercar, the ST1 will come with a $1.125 million price tag.

And we thought we could ask Santa to get us one this Christmas.


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  (206) posted on 10.20.2010

What gets me though is that statement "the ST1 is about as badass as a supercar can get."
Because it has 103hp more than a Veyron. But when an American company does the exact same thing (SSC Aero) they get dissed. The Aero had 182hp more than a Veyron then later 286hp more and did they call it badass? No.

  (206) posted on 10.20.2010

I really like this car. It has 1104hp and not a lot of weight. That is awesome. Combine that with amazing looks.

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