Geographically, Denmark is usually known for sharing a boarder with Sweden: the land where ‘Safe and Boxy’ directly translates as ‘Sexy Car’. But a Danish car company wants to remind the world that Germany is also a neighboring country.

Zenvo ST1 - supercar built in Denmark High Resolution Interior Exterior
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The Zenvo ST1 is the first vehicle from this startup supercar company, and it comes with some impressive credentials. The ST1 is powered by a turbocharged and supercharged (yes you can do both, crazy Danes) 7.0-liter V8 that delivers 1,104 hp and 1055 lbs ft. of torque. It’s not yet clear who sourced the engine or if this an original build, but regardless of origin, Zenvo believes its blown engine will propel the car from 0 to 60 mph in about three seconds and a top out at 233 mph.

The first consumer-ready car could be available as soon as 2009, with production totaling about 15 cars. No word yet on pricing, but be prepared to call the banker before purchasing. Now all we have to do is keep the world economy together long enough for us to get our hands on one.

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  (42) posted on 05.31.2010

i agree with most its also a different car all together the states are some good ones and enough get the heart going

  (815) posted on 03.4.2010

Impressive a whopping 1,104HP under the hood but I can’t imagine how it looses on a regular Bugatti, just like what happened to Gt-R and Mustang GT.

  (233) posted on 12.20.2008

hell i dont care what the engine base is... this car looks great and a twincharger... yes not many of those running around. the instant response of a supercharger with the high boost of a turbo.. cant get much better than this...

it’ll be super expensive though with that twin charger in there. especially being a super car

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.20.2008

7L V8.Hmm, could be the Z06 engine.

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