Zeroshift Ltd., a company based in the UK, has developed revolutionary new transmission technology that facilitates a completely instantaneous change in gear ratio with no interruption of torque to the driving wheels. Zeroshift has developed the system using HBMs MGCplus data logger in their development vehicles and with catman®Easy software as their data analysis tool.

In order to develop the system for its wide range of applications, a large number of driveline parameters variables need to be closely monitored during the gearshift; such as engine and vehicle speeds, driveline torques, actuator position and clutch and throttle pedal positions etc.

Therefore Zeroshift makes good use of the multi-channel MGCs. Working with OEMs and Tier 1s means that Zeroshift have access to the vehicles CAN (Controller Area Network) data, therefore the ability to read CAN channels directly into the logger is a big advantage.

The Zeroshift principle is relatively simple in concept: the new gear is engaged whilst the previous gear is still driving, eliminating the break in torque (head nod) experienced in conventional manual and automated manual transmissions during a gearshift. As the new gear takes up the drive the previous gear is automatically disengaged, leaving the vehicle to continue driving in the new gear. 

Zeroshift Automated Manual Transmission
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How it works

  • Bullets in Neutral
  • Bullets in gear 1 position – giving minimal backlash
  • Bullets requested to move across (spring mounted), only the overdrive/ gear 2 acceleration bullet is free to move (red)
  • Gear 2 acceleration bullet (red) in position, Gear 1 acceleration bullet (blue) is held in under load due to retention angle on the dog
  • Second gear picks up drive.
  • Second gear overdrives first gear.
  • First gear acceleration/ second gear overdrive bullet (blue) shifts under spring preload.
  • Second gear overdrive bullet (blue) in position – giving minimal backlash.

Source: HBM

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