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2006 Carbontech Redback Spyder

2006 Carbontech Redback Spyder

New car companies come and go every day. Some have the capacity to create legendary supercars like the Saleen S7 and others simply cannot get the formula right. Carbontech is one of the small companies currently trying to make a splash in the market with their first car which was completed in 2006. The main difference between Carbontech and some other manufacturers, is that their models are sold as kit cars for the consumer to build and configure how they choose. The Redback Spyder is the first car to be designed and built by the team at Carbontech and the results are quite good. The car looks like a race car and features a lot of racing technology, yet can be built in your garage. With all the racing technology utilized in this car it is fair to say that most will only use this on the track, but the company did abide by Australian regulations during its construction to make the car street legal.

After its introduction at the Melbourne Auto Show in 2006, the car was scheduled to make rounds throughout the world in order to find prospective customers. If things catch on then the company also plans to sell it in the United States. Kit cars target a very specific buyer who has the technical know how and the time to build their own machine. Other companies like Factory Five Racing have developed flawless kits that sell great in our market and it will be interesting to find out whether an Australian company can manage to do the same.

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