The Crossup is multi-purpose car. Its variable suspension system and new tyres make it suited to any kind of road surface. Fully extended its ground clearance is an impressive 25 cm, letting it take on an off-road path or travel safely on the highway with equal ease.

A ’boot’ is added on, defining the exterior and forming a convenient pickup body, fully clad in scratch-resistant material. Spacious, key-locked compartments can hold the accessories best suited to the vehicle’s use. The handy, roomy exterior space can be fitted with special equipment made to fit the car.

As always with the company’s custom-built vehicles, the interiors are made to customer specifications. The display model gives a sneak preview of the ‘Vodka-Cigar’ mini fridge, specially sized to fit on all Mini vehicles between the front seats. Activate the Vodka” function, and it can keep small bottles of champagne and vodka chilled. Push the Cigar button and it becomes a convenient humidifier for fine cigars.

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