Weren’t we just talking about all those 1,000-horsepower American sports cars a few days ago? In case you need more proof of that, here’s another mind-bending example: A Chevrolet Corvette C6 that was worked on by Late Model Racecraft to push out 1,600 horsepower. Built in collaboration with LMS and D2Forged Wheels, this berserker of a sports car could very well be one of the most powerful Corvettes you’ll find anywhere in the world.

This Corvette already has an impressive 6.2-liter V8 engine under its hood, one that produces 430 horsepower and 424 lb/ft of torque. Apparently for some people, those figures are just not worthy of their time. So they did what any right-minded tuning shop would do: tune it up to their standards.

The result is a Corvette C6 that carries a twin-turbocharged WarHawk motor, resulting in a dizzying output of 1,600 horsepower. We’ll repeat that in case you got confused: 1,600 horsepower.

And if that wasn’t extreme enough, Late Model Racecraft made sure to give the Corvette the look to match its output, courtesy of a Z06 widebody kit and a new set of 19" (front) and 18" (rear) three-piece D2Forged VS1 wheels.

With a car that carries such a significant mod set-up, there’s a big chance that this program will cost you more than what you’re willing to spend. Then again, 1600 horsepower is 1,600 horsepower, and a lot of people will pay premium money to have that much output on a Corvette.

  • 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 by Late Model Racecraft
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    LS2 V8 engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    6200 L
  • car segment:
  • body style:


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  (858) posted on 12.21.2011

Yeah! I have to agree that it really looks like a Lotus Elise, but I still find it more impressive than with Lotus. Moreover, I’m so fascinated with the engine of this one, very powerful and awesome!

  (449) posted on 12.7.2011

It looks like a Lotus Elise on its platform except on its front design. However, I still find this Corvette C6 more appealing and attractive than on Elise. Good thing as well that it is more powerful and so fun to drive with!

  (714) posted on 11.18.2011

That is really a dizzying output! 1,600 horsepower is truly very awesome and impressive on this Corvette! I wonder if what will be its highest maximum speed? Well, I would really wait for that.

  (594) posted on 11.14.2011

I’m glad that it had an efficient engine, which could really give a great speed performance on it! Furthermore, I must say that it’s truly looking so awesome on its aggressive styling.

  (526) posted on 11.10.2011

Its engine specification is truly so awesome for this sports car! I just only hope that it couldn’t entertain any problem on its speed performance. Anyway, I love the exterior design of it.

  (428) posted on 11.9.2011

I wonder if what will be the interior of this one will look like? However, I must say that I’m so impressed on its exterior appearance, every detailing that it had been is very satisfying!

  (374) posted on 11.9.2011

Its sleek body paint gives the classy appearance on this Corvette, and I must say that it was oozing with angst most especially on its front design. Well, I just hope that it had also an impressive interior.

  (449) posted on 11.7.2011

I love the powerful engine specification of this Corvette! Well, it is so suited on its aggressive looks. That’s what’s really great on Chevrolet cars! Anyway, when will be the market production of this?

  (453) posted on 11.3.2011

Chevrolet is really cool when it comes into producing a good-looking and a powerful muscled car, and this Corvette C6 is one of the proofs! smiley I’m so impressed with it!

  (762) posted on 11.3.2011

I just simply love the simplicity of this Concept of Subaru, and I have to agree that it is already looking great on it sleek and plain body paint. I just don’t think either that the engine of this one, could give a better performance on it.

  (459) posted on 11.2.2011

This one is already looking great on its body paint, and the design of its front looks so angst on it, and I’m glad that they maintained the powerful and striking on it. Anyway, when will be the market production of this one?

  (317) posted on 11.1.2011

The V8 engine of this one that can deliver 1,600 horsepower is really impressive on this race car, and I must say that for me, it is totally a complete packaged already, for it also had a striking exterior appearance.

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