Chevrolet announced that the Blue Devil will officially be called Corvette SS (Super Sport).

The 2009 SS will be powered by a 7.0 litre V8 engine with an output of 650 hp. This will help the car to make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds and have a top speed of 215 mph. The SS wil feature carbon ceramic brakes.

Some spyshots of the new Corvette SS surfaced but we had to remove them has GM contacted several website already. To make the story short, an EMO TRANS employee took the spyshot pictures while the car was in transit from the USA to Germany for some Nurburgring testing.

"Lufthansa cargo in Michigan. we got a redz06 and a regular orangec6. the z06 has some black tarp on the hood and the fenders, i cant tell if its a center. supercharger its to dark outside...ok its gotta be supercharged i just saw a intercooler."

Unfortunately for this volunteer photographer, GM was not very pleased by the final pictures.

2009 Corvette SS aka Blue Devil
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  (6020) posted on 03.18.2008

wow the to people fighting over how to spell someones name you need to get a life. Seriously

  (6020) posted on 03.15.2008

dammit the corvette kichz and da viper donet cus itz a piece of

  (6020) posted on 02.17.2008

To the guy who said thats why Viper went to 600 hp the next year well da..thats why Vette got into the 500 HP. to compete with Viper they were there a long time before Mustang GT’s and Vettes thought of it. Now they want to be top dog again. You said that Vette beat Viper in all aspects your right they beat them with the highest price too stupid ass. Get a clue.

  (6020) posted on 02.17.2008

Its a battle of muscle car dominance again like back in the 60’s. As for Chevy back then and now thats all they had was the Vette. Oh and I own a throw back I have a 67 Stingray Roadster. I had owned the big block Mopars back then and would love to have a Viper myself. I also thought they were using the 6.2 all alluminum engine out of the Escalade’s and Caddy’s. This article said the 7.0...don’t think thats right.

  (6020) posted on 02.13.2008

corvette will own viper any day of the week, simply cause its a corvette

  (6020) posted on 02.12.2008

that shyt is hot

  (608) posted on 12.7.2007

an as i said viper is still better an the ss will cost more than the viper too.....viper is cheaper an still just as fast all two will do 0-60 in jus 3.7 secs

  (608) posted on 12.7.2007

yo who are you? a english teacher?!! or sumone who wants to make ppl pronounciate everything correctly lol ok mr. hookedonphonics i don’t care 4 my spelling an badestofthebad is who iam and i will spell it however i see fit ya dig?

  (1) posted on 12.7.2007

Good call "badestofthebad"? The 06 Z06 did beat the 06 Viper in nearly every category possible, 0 to 60, quartermile, 1/8 mile, PRICE, handling. This is why the Viper jumped to 600 hp the next year, so I am sure the SS Vette or whatever they call will once again DENVENOMIZE the pile of crap Dodge calls a Viper. Oh yeah learn to spell BADDEST, see 2 D’s. Thanks.

  (608) posted on 03.17.2007

ummm noooo SS don’t mean cuz it may take after the silverado variation n it has a 7.0 aswell look the ppl have dun there research n they say its a 7.0 so stop talkin its a 7.0 leave it as that....damn dred, oh yeah n by the way the viper still will be better.....corvette puttin up a decent fight but it ain ready to put down the old snake, not yet!!

  (9) posted on 03.13.2007

Once again the powerplant is NOT a 7.0L V8. It is a 6.2. The LS7’s cylinder walls are to thin to handle high boost for long durations, it has a syamised bore for crying out loud. The 6.2 will add more stiffness to the sidewall allowing for more boost. Also the 6.2’s block will be shared with a truck varient, destined for the Escalade and possibly a sport Silverado varient (think SS).

pdaix  (433) posted on 02.22.2007

Even fast-auto thread about this car has been removed... Chevy must not be very happy about those pictures that show the new corvette SS engine and body totally uncovered.

Don’t worry Chevy, anyway we love the new body style and engine sounds good even on the spyshots. You are all good..

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