Our world never seems to run out of tuned-up Chevrolet Camaros, does it? Not that we’re complaining because we totally dig all the aftermarket projects being done on Bumblebee since it was launched a few years ago. The list of choices gets longer every few weeks so it hardly seems surprising that we’re back here again with another option that Camaro-loving freaks should pay close attention to.

German aftermarket company, FELGE, is responsible for this black piece of muscle-bound awesomeness. Working on a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS, FELGE went out and gave it a nice performance upgrade to go along with the sick-as-always matte black exterior finish.

We don’t need to remind you guys that our knees get weak at the mere sight of matte cars so you probably understand by now how much we’re salivating over this bad boy. And as cool points go, FELGE even gave their whole Camaro SS program a pretty fantastic nickname: the Black Cat.

Yes, our hearts just fell on the floor.

Details on the Chevrolet Camaro SS by FELGE after the jump.

  • 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS by FELGE
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    6.2-liter V8 engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    625 horsepower
  • car segment:

Exterior and Interior

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS by FELGE Exterior
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The German aftermarket extraordinaire went the matte route when doling an exterior finish on the Camaro SS, opting for a matte black body paintwork to justify the ‘Black Cat’ title attached to the project. Apart from the awesome matte dressing, FELGE also took to upgrading the muscle car’s rims to the tune of 22” rims on both the front and rear - 10x22” on the front and 11x22” at the back – before wrapping them up with a set of 265/30-R22 and 295/25-R22 tires, respectively.


The FELGE Chevrolet Camaro SS comes well equipped with the muscle car’s standard 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces an output of 432 horsepower and 569 Nm of torque. In order to squeeze more ponies out of the engine, FELGE went out and installed a new Speed Box compressor kit and a BORLA stainless steel exhaust half-system. These additions proved to be quite useful as the Camaro’s power output spiked all the way up to 625 horsepower.


2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS by FELGE Exterior
- image 390145

The host of upgrades done on the Camaro SS by FELGE comes with many different prices. In the end, the potential owner of the Black Cat would have had to spend a total of about $25,544 for this beautiful Camaro rendition. Fair price, if you ask us!

Upgrade Price
Speed Box compressor kit €8,999 ($12,294)
BORLA stainless steel exhaust half-system w/o tailpipe €999 ($1,364)
Matte black bodywork €3,500 ($4,780)
Wheel set, including tires €3,500 ($4,644)
H&R coilovers €1,272 ($1,738)
H&R stabilizers €530 ($724)


For the purposes of comparing two tuned-up Camaros, the most ideal comparison to FELGE’s Black Cat is the Chevrolet Camaro Supercharged HPE600 By Hennessey. In terms of modified output, the two projects pretty much nets the same numbers upgrade - FELGE has it at 625 horsepower whereas Hennessey boasts of 600 ponies.

Where Hennessey has the leg up, albeit a short leg at that, is the fact that it comes with more aesthetic add-ons, including Hennessey & HPE600 exterior badging, limited edition numbered dash & engine plaques, and Hennessey premium floor mats, among other things.

2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS by FELGE Exterior
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    • The whole program rounds out to about $20,000 plus in expenses
    • Not a lot of aesthetic improvements
    • Competition is fierce
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  (384) posted on 09.16.2011

The glossy paint that they used gives that classy and sophisticated looks on this Camaro though the platform is so ordinary, but the car lines that it had gives some beauty and uniqueness on it.

  (463) posted on 01.27.2011

If you wish to avail of this kit car and turn your Solstice – or Opel GT in Europe – into this new-age ‘blast-from-the-past’ roadster, you’re going to need to shell out somewhere between $52,000 to $89,000.

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