By our count, this is the fourth teaser image of a Tijn Edition vehicle headed for the SEMA Auto Show. Following in the footsteps of the Ford Mustang, Ford Explorer, and Honda Civic SI, the latest installment of ’Tijn Teasers’ features a sneak peek of a Chevrolet Cruze.

It’s only a teaser photo, although it’s one that has definitely gotten our attention. The GM sedan is dressed in a customized Dupont Sunburst Yellow paint finish and comes with a slew of modifications, including a new LED headlight set-up courtesy of Light Wurkz, as well as a new set of blue 19" Rotiform TMB wheels wrapped around Falked tires with matching yellow 6P Baer brakes. Inside, the Tijn Edition dressed up the Cruze with black leather seats and a new comprehensive audio set-up.

Tijn Edition also announced that the Cruze, just like the rest of its SEMA-bound buddies, will come with a massive performance upgrade. Details on that have yet to be revealed, but we expect it to be something in the realm of the ridonkulous, which is on par with what Tijn Edition has done with their previous projects.


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  (449) posted on 12.7.2011

When will they really finally reveal the whole outlook of this Cruze! Well, I can’t wait to see this one. Moreover, I have to agree with them that it looks very attractive on its Dupont Sunburst Yellow body paint.

  (580) posted on 10.26.2011

Dupont Sunburst Yellow that they use on its body is already very striking and really a teaser for this one. However, I am hoping to read another updated article or news about this one soon.

  (577) posted on 10.25.2011

Yeah! It definitely got my attention! smiley Well, I have to agree that this teaser is absolutely looking so awesome on its body paint and its blue wheels is somewhat very cool, but I wonder if what engine they were going to use on it?

  (831) posted on 10.24.2011

Even though this one Cruze is a teaser, I can already say that it is absolutely striking on its blue wheels and yellow body paint. smiley I wonder if when will they bring this one on the market.

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