While we’re preparing for our New York Auto Show, the other side of the world is hosting numerous automakers at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show in Korea. One of the automakers dazzling the show floor is Chevrolet with their new Miray concept car - a mid-electric hybrid-powered sports car whose name means "Future" in Korean. The concept was built to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary and previews the company’s future design language evolution. The new Miray concept combines design elements from the 1963 ’Monza (Monza) SS’ and 1962 Corvair Super Spyder and molds them into a futuristic design language. It features an aerodynamic body shape with Le Mans (Le Mans) racer-style vertical doors, a dual-port grille, LED headlamps, a carbon fiber spoiler, and a new set of wheels, 20" at the front and 21" at the rear.

According to GM Korea President and CEO Mike Arcamone, "’Mi-ray’ is Korean for ‘future.’ As GM rolls out Chevrolet across Korea, the Mi-ray concept offers an exploration of future possibilities for the brand. It strengthens the bond between car and driver, creating a fresh look at what sports cars of the future might be."

UPDATE 08/16/11: The Chevrolet Mi-Ray Concept left such an impression at the Seoul Motor Show earlier this year that the Bowtie has decided to bring the Asia-penned concept car to one of the biggest auto shows of the year in Frankfurt. That’s great news because when we saw in Seoul, we couldn’t get enough of it, so to see it in Frankfurt is a pretty good treat for us.

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2011 Chevrolet Mi-ray Concept High Resolution Exterior
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The Mi-Ray concept is made from carbon fiber and CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) and is distinguished by an angled character line with ambient lighting underneath. Up front, the concept gets a new dual port grille flanked by LED headlamps with new signature daytime running lamps, while the front and rear fenders evoke Chevrolet Corvettes of the past.

Chevrolet has also opted for carbon-fiber spoilers that help control down force, retractable flaps that provide additional airflow control, and new taillamps at the rear just because. The concept sits on aluminum-carbon fiber composite 20-inch wheels in front and 21-inch wheels in the rear and entry is attained through the Le Mans racer-style scissor doors.


2011 Chevrolet Mi-ray Concept High Resolution Interior
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The jet-inspired interior combines brushed aluminum, natural leather, white fabric, and liquid metal surfaces, all surrounded by a carbon fiber shell, which gives it a lightweight yet rigid structure. The driver-focused cockpit is inspired by the legendary Corvette, while asymmetric seats form a symmetric interior that gives the driver a feeling of being fully connected with the car.

A very unique feature in the new Mi-Ray concept is the back projection on the instrument panel. Information in front of the driver has been prioritized into three zones. Immediately in front is vehicle performance. It is flanked on the left by range and on the right by navigation and mileage figures. This eliminates unnecessary visual clutter, allowing the driver to focus on the thrill of driving. The center touch screen flows down to an aluminum support, which evokes a fighter jet’s nose with the landing gear down.


2011 Chevrolet Mi-ray Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 397651

The Mi-Ray’s hybrid system combines a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine mounted behind the cockpit that drives the rear wheels with two front-mounted 15-kW electric motors for quick acceleration and zero emissions in urban driving. The electric motors will take their energy from a 1.6-kWh lithium-ion battery that is charged through regenerative braking energy. The Mi-ray has the capability of being switched from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive.

The hybrid system is combined with dual-clutch transmission (DCT) and start-stop system.

"The propulsion concept fits perfectly with the rest of the vehicle, delivering big performance in a small footprint, on the road and in the environment," said Arcamone. "By combining GM propulsion technology and visionary design, the Mi-ray points to the future of Chevrolets around the globe – expressive, youthful and entertaining."

When can I buy one?

Well, unfortunately never. The Mi-Ray concept is just a design exercise. However, its design language previews the company’s future evolution, so expect to see some of its aesthetic lines in the future production models.

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  (409) posted on 12.9.2011

This Mi-ray concept is so futuristic, and I noticed that its wheels are very cool on it even its transparent wind shield. Moreover, its interior is also admiring for it as well has an innovative feature.

  (336) posted on 10.19.2011

A very futuristic concept and I don’t think that they would really have a plan to put this one on the market, but I must say that I am really impressed with its appearance, so unique.

  (466) posted on 09.7.2011

Miray concept really had a very futuristic exterior and even interior features but I think this kind of car is not very reliable nowadays.

  (409) posted on 08.26.2011

This Mi-ray concept is so futuristic, the wheels are so cool for it even the transparent wind shield, even the interior is futuristic either which is so damn cool!

  (466) posted on 07.26.2011

I’d love the futuristic interior and the aggressive sporty look, but I don’t like the yellow line that they add on the exterior design. I’d simply like it for being a futuristic.

  (665) posted on 07.12.2011

Impressive futuristic interior design but I don’t like the exterior of this Mi - ray. Maybe they need to enhance more the exterior look of it. Despite of that I love the fact that this is an electric - hybrid car. I would love to go in Korea just to see it in person.

  (472) posted on 06.7.2011

Hey friend, it’s the era of electric-hybrid cars. That’s why many car manufacturers are launching their own versions of smart and hybrid cars. It sounds expensive but Its really an energy saving car.

  (472) posted on 04.26.2011

Well, When i looked at the interior it almost makes me forget on how does it look from the outside. Actually, i like its detailing and I hope that it is smooth to ride.

  (531) posted on 04.26.2011

hmm. Well, I don’t like the look of this car its kind of boring and the design for the body is somewhat distorted. I do believe that the nearest competitor of this car is the BMW eVision EfficientDynamics!

  (291) posted on 04.15.2011

The exterior was so impressive! I just have a doubt in the reliability of the car since it is a hybrid and a gullwing was put on it! I bet it will makes the car runs slower.

  (647) posted on 04.12.2011

Despite of the good design on this car. I’m really on electric concept! IMO, its just a waste of time and effort for the team creative behind the production!

  (806) posted on 04.12.2011

It seems that Kia is following the latest trend now on auto industry, the "lame" electric cars production! Honestly, i really don’t find the Korean cars reliable though their designs are great!

  (858) posted on 04.7.2011

Well, I am loving the look of this car. Too bad that we won’t be seeing this one on the road for anytime soon. Hope that Chevrolet does take some cues from this.

  (472) posted on 04.6.2011

I do believe that the thing that makes this car looks promising is because of the LED technology and nothing else. The mid-electric hybrid- concept is just a piece of a junk.

  (345) posted on 04.6.2011

The concept looks pretty cool to me. The idea for the pit is especially notable since it provides a lot of comfort for the driver.

  (406) posted on 04.5.2011

Well, there’s really nothing to say about this car, since it is already as good as it is. And considering that this one is just a concept, it still looks promising.

  (460) posted on 04.4.2011

At first, it thought that this one is an SUV without the top, it really looks kinda bulky to me. But it does look good in some angles.

  (648) posted on 04.4.2011

I like the fact that this one actually has both front and rear wheel drive functions. This definitely makes the car all the more versatile.

  (25) posted on 04.1.2011

I really see this as futuristic model, and the interiors and exteriors are too good. I hope this comes to production which will not only create a sensation for its design but also for its specs.

  (449) posted on 04.1.2011

I do admit that this car consists of an extraordinary design both exterior and interior. Who knows maybe one of this day it would make its way into production. However, the reliability of electric-hybrid car is still doubtful of me. 

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