The Chevrolet Camaro is a relative newbie in the world of GT3 racing, but ever since the fifth-generation model was revealed a few years ago, a lot of racing teams have gone to battle with the American muscle car.

With the new year still on the horizon, a lot of teams have begun their preparations leading up to the 2012 season. One in particular, German-based YACO Racing, is hard-at-work preparing their version of the Camaro GT3 race cars that were built by Sareni United.

With the Sareni-built Camaro GT3, YACO Racing is preparing their race cars to compete in a number of GT3 race series in the coming year, including that of the German ADAC GT Master series and GT3 European Championship. Since the car is being prepped for racing, the overall set-up has been completely modified for the occasion. One look at the Camaro and you’ll notice a number of changes being made, including the use of a new front bumper design, an enormous rear spoiler, and a refurbished interior, complete with all the necessary elements - race seats, roll cage, etc. - for a GT3 race car.

Another thing about this particular Camaro GT3 race car is the involvement of SaReni United, which is owned by Reiter Engineering and who introduced their own version of a Camaro GT3 racer about a year ago that YACO Racing will be using for the 2012 season.

Performance details on the Sareni Camaro GT3 center around a 7.9-liter Katech V8 engine rated at up to 650 horsepower and 627 lb/ft of torque with lap times similar to the Gallardo LP600+ GT3, which incidentally, is another one of Reiter Engineering’s creations. This engine is mated to a newly designed HOLINGER gear box with paddle shifters located on the steering wheel.

UPDATE 03/19/12: Sareni United’s Chevrolet Camaro GT3 is getting ready for its racing debut and we have a new batch of photos of the American muscle-turned-race car in the gallery. Check it out, peeps!

  • 2012 Chevrolet Camaro GT3 by Sareni United
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    LS3 Gen-IV engine
  • Transmission:
    Holinger RD6-SFR sequential gearbox
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • car segment:
  • body style:


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  (1) posted on 01.13.2015

You guys have done a great job on this one, hope to see more of it.

In this vid i tested this Camaro on Trail Mountain track.

My Impression:

  (453) posted on 02.17.2012

This car is so stunning! It would look better without the spoiler. I like the front lip and hood design, it’s absolutely awesome!

  (776) posted on 02.1.2012

The wheels is good at black. The rims looks like firm. The exterior is a must-see. It envision of a world with technology.

  (427) posted on 01.12.2012

Whew! Another great car! I love how it looks, specially the detailings and designs on its back part. This looks very futuristic, elegant and luxurious at the same time. The engine specs are also oozing with agressiveness. Nice package!

  (415) posted on 01.11.2012

Looks classy due to it’s shiny body paint. I’m impressed with the texture and styles. Feels like the speed performance is so great.

  (463) posted on 01.11.2012

I like the color and the futuristic design of this Chevrolet car. I guess this will be the best muscle car ever made. And the gears are awesome.

  (342) posted on 01.10.2012

I love the muscular looks of this Camaro. And the wheels really suits the design of it. With its V8 engine, this one will sure hit the road real fast. What will be its production price?

  (459) posted on 01.9.2012

This is way more than a futuristic vehicle. The design is very stunning and I love how the final output of this looks like. And i am also impressed on the speed performance of this Camaro.

  (762) posted on 01.4.2012

It doesn’t look like a Camaro vehicle for me. Well, it looks different from the looks of Camaro before. However, I would admit that I’m so impressed with this newbie. It looks very futuristic and classy.

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