The COPO Special Edition is the quickest Camaro ever built by Chevrolet, and it is also rather rare since only 69 units were produced. Typically, these types of vehicles get left out of the tuning circle because of their rarity, but leave it to the guys at Lingenfelter to grab up the COPO number 19 and provide some minor adjustments to give it a little more get-up-and-go.

Right after receiving their COPO Camaro and making their adjustments, the Lingenfelter crew took it to Norwalk for test hits. The Camaro is pretty much stock, except for the addition of new LNC-2000 two step, shock settings and a raised rev limiter. Despite the limited changes, the guys over a LPE put this COPO on the top of the Camaro food chain when it managed to run the quarter mile in an impressive time of 8.64 seconds at a speed of 159 mph on its 5th pass.

"Chevrolet Performance built a great car and with a little bit of Lingenfelter magic we were able to pull extra power out of it," said Ken Lingenfelter, owner, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. "At Lingenfelter, we’re experts at LS engines, and what we were able to do with the COPO Camaro in four short days is an extension of the experience and commitment we make to the LS package. We believe there is more power left in this COPO Camaro, and we know our performance team will get it."


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