One of the most anticipated introductions of 2015, the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro is also one of the main stars of the 2015 SEMA Show. Chevy took Las Vegas by storm and brought, among numerous vehicles, no fewer than seven concepts based on the new pony car — one of which is the Hyper Concept.

Much like all of its show floor neighbors, including the Black Accent Package, the Performance, and the Krypton, the Hyper Concept blends concept parts and production accessories for the latest-generation Camaro. Many of these components will become available through Chevrolet dealerships starting early 2016, which makes the Hyper Concept a good preview of things to come — especially for potential customers interested in ways to personalize their Camaros.

“Since it was introduced in 1967, the Camaro has been one of the industry’s most personal and personalized cars,” said Roger McCormack, director of Accessories & Performance Parts Marketing. “Many customers use the Camaro as a canvas to express their personalities and these concepts serve as inspiration for the many options available from Chevrolet.”

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  • 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Hyper Concept
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2015 Chevrolet Camaro Hyper Concept
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Unlike other Camaro concepts shown at the 2015 SEMA, the Hyper Concept sports a color scheme that customers can order with the 2016 model year production model. Specifically, the coupe is painted in Hyper Blue Metallic, a striking color that’s complemented by white "Rally" stripes.

The Hyper Concept sports a color scheme that customers can order with the 2016 model year production model.

The concept car is based on the LT trim, meaning the main grille features chrome inserts, while the bumper has vertical daytime running lights. The front fascia is far from standard though, as it received a splitter-like extension element below the apron, and Silver Ice Metallic inserts for the upper and lower grille. Also, the black bowtie emblem, which is available though Chevrolet’s Accessories division, is illuminated.

Around back, the area between the taillights is finished in black, as is the bowtie badge in the middle. The diffuser and the lower element of the bumper have also been redesigned. While the diffuser is simpler by design, the exhaust pipes have large, rectangular outlets. The blue coupe also wears the rear spoiler from the RS package.

Rounding off the concept’s exterior are the chromed, 20-inch twin-five-spoke wheels from Chevrolet Accessories, the "RS" badged front and rear, and the "Camaro" emblems on the front fenders.

To make things a bit more dramatic and make use of the Camaro’s massive heritage, the Hyper Concept was displayed alongside a restomod 1970 Camaro RS finished in the same Hyper Blue Metallic paint with white "Rally" stripes.


Chevrolet has yet to release photos of the interior, but it did say the coupe has the same Ceramic White upholstery available with the production 2016 Camaro. Although most of the interior is actually black, the white seats and door panel inserts harken back to the golden era of the muscle car when high-impact exterior colors and light interiors were very popular.

As far as bespoke features go, they are limited to Ceramic White knee pads, a Camaro logo embroidered on the armrest cover, Camaro-badged floor mats, and Spectrum door trim lighting. The first three can be had via Chevrolet Accessories, while the latter is an option for the 2016 Camaro.


2015 Chevrolet Camaro Hyper Concept
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The car maker had nothing to say about the coupe’s engine, but given the LT bumper and the RS badges, it’s safe to assume there’s a 3.6-liter, V-6 under that hood. Newly developed for 2016, it replaces the previous entry-level unit featuring the same displacement and cylinder layout, but uses updated direct injection, continuously variable valve timing, and, for the first time, cylinder deactivation.

The concept features a blue engine cover, a Performance exhaust, and a suspension lowering kit

Output sits at 335 horsepower and 284 pound-feet of torque, a 12-horsepower and six-pound-feet increase over the previous unit. These figures make the V-6 Camaro more powerful than both the V-6-powered Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, as well as the most powerful naturally aspirated V-6 in the segment.

Charging from 0 to 60 mph takes 5.2 seconds with the six-speed manual and 5.1 seconds with the eight-speed automatic.

Though it’s not visible in the photos, the concept features a blue engine cover, a Performance exhaust, and a suspension lowering kit, all of which can be purchased via Chevrolet Performance Parts and Accessories for 2016.


2015 Chevrolet Camaro Hyper Concept
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Though it’s far from spectacular, and it’s more of a production car than a concept, the Hyper Concept seems to be a tribute to the highly-optioned, high-impact-colored Camaros of the early 1970s. The good news here is that because it’s so similar to the production 2016 Camaro, this so-called concept can be ordered at any Chevy dealership for the 2016 model year.

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Press Release

The Camaro Hyper concept strikes a bold and sophisticated pose with its Hyper Blue Metallic exterior contrasting with a new Ceramic White interior. It’s a combination customers can order with the 2016 Camaro, but this customized version adds heritage-inspired cues, including Chevrolet Accessories white rally stripes and “Camaro” fender badges. It also wears the rear spoiler from the RS package and Chevrolet Accessories 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels.

2015 Chevrolet Camaro Hyper Concept
- image 653843

The additional exterior and interior features are available from Chevrolet Accessories and Chevrolet Performance. They include:

Front fascia extension painted body color
LT upper and lower grilles with Silver Ice Metallic inserts
Blue engine cover
Black illuminated front bowtie emblem
Ceramic White interior knee pads
Black interior Spectrum door trim lighting
Camaro-logo embroidered armrest cover
Camaro-badge floor mats
Suspension lowering kit
Performance exhaust.

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