Fans of the Chevrolet Corvette have lamented, some rather loudly, that the current design of the Corvette is a mixed bag. On one hand, a lot of people appreciate the Corvette’s dramatic new front styling. On the other hand, the same group of people lament the sports car’s rear design, particularly those new taillights that have replaced the iconic round lights of previous Corvettes. So what’s an owner to do if he wants to have the best of both worlds? A certain “Crazy Cowboy” Dan from the Corvette forums is offering a headlight kit made up of the Corvette C7’s lighting configuration for the Corvette C6. Appropriately enough, the kit - or the Crazy Cowboy Dan’s Corvette - has been dubbed the “C67”.

The conversion is pretty unique even though it’s dedicated to a specific clientele of Corvette owners. It’s not often that a Corvette C6 owner can dramatically change the front section of his car with technology that’s currently being used by the existing Corvette C7. It’s the best of both worlds from that standpoint.

In any event, Cowboy Dan’s Corvette C67 does have a separate engine modification that can bring the output of the C6 Corvette to as much as 600 horsepower. That’s a significant improvement, even from the standards of the current generation Corvette. In effect, the Corvette C67 has the C7’s lights, the C6’s chassis, and a supercharged version of the LS2 V-8 engine that has enough power to burst off the block in the blink of an eye. For fans of the Corvette C6, it’s the best of two worlds.

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2015 Chevrolet Corvette C67 By ExoticVette Exterior
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At first glance, the Corvette C67 looks like a base, 2008 Chevrolet Corvette. That’s because, for the most part, it is. It does have a wide body kit and an aftermarket hood, but everything else about the car is all from the C6. The biggest difference between the C67 and the rest of the C6 lot are the headlights, which are actually from the current generation C7. The whole lighting configuration at the front is taken from the current generation of the Corvette, including the industry-standard, boomerang-shaped LED daytime lights. But, other than that, the set of wheels taken from the Corvette Z06, the improved brakes, and the aftermarket changes to the sports car are minimal at best.


A quick look at the interior of the car when Berenis and “Crazy Cowboy” Dan stepped in revealed no modifications to the cabin. This slams home the point that this particular Corvette’s only significant aftermarket upgrades are the engine mods and those C7 headlights.


2015 Chevrolet Corvette C67 By ExoticVette Drivetrain
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This is where the modifications for the Corvette C67 really get interesting. According to Dan, the Corvette C6’s 6.0-liter, LS2, V-8 engine is still powering the C67. The only difference is that a magnacharger and a bolt-on supercharger have been thrown into the mix to help the V-8 produce 600 horsepower, a huge improvement from the LS2’s standard output of 400 horsepower. There was no talk of any performance numbers, although Dan did say that with the current modifications, the car can still go 28 to 30 mpg on the highway. Impressive.

Even without any 0 to 60 times, judging from that unmistakable wail of the supercharger, the Corvette C67 can handle its business on any road and track surface it finds itself in.


“Cowboy” Dan didn’t reveal the pricing figures for the C7 headlights and the engine modification. But, he did say that the former is the first of its kind in the world and that interested buyers can look them up over at The headlight kit isn’t available on the site yet, but according to Dan, it should be ready for orders really soon.


Chevrolet Corvette C6 Sv8R C7 By Supervettes

2013 Chevrolet Corvette C6 SV8R C7 By Supervettes Exterior
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As unique as the C67 is, it’s actually not the first kit to be offered on the Corvette C6 that came with the objective of giving it the looks of the C7. Back in December 2013, noted Corvette tuner Supervettes released the SV8.R C7 aerodynamic kit for the Corvette C6 that carried a handful of design elements from the C7. Among the more prominent features of the kit include carbon fiber body panels, Kevlar-reinforced bumpers, a new exhaust system with dual end pipes, and LED taillights.

Oddly enough, the rear section ended up looking like the Corvette C7, although the front section, with the sharp angular headlights, also carried some C7 flavor. At that time of the kit’s announcement, Supervettes said that each kit would cost a buyer $59,995, not including the price of the actual Corvette C6. The tuner also said that only five kits were made so at this point, scooping up any of those five kits could be next to impossible.

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2015 Chevrolet Corvette C67 By ExoticVette Exterior
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The Chevrolet Corvette C67 itself isn’t so much about the performance modifications on that LS2 V-8. It’s about those C7-inspired headlights that can now be installed on the previous generation Corvette. I don’t know how much that’ll affect the aesthetic purity of the C6, but I’ve heard from numerous people how they prefer to see the front end of the current Corvette with the overall body and rear section of the C6. On that note, I guess this headlight kit will do the trick, even if engine modifications won’t be a part of the purchase.

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