The SS (Super Sport) name was first used back in 1961 and since then, it has become Chevrolet’s signature of performance on many models. Back then, the Impala was in its fourth generation and the SS version brought an amazing power increase of 305 - 425 HP, depending on the version. Now, the tenth generation Impala is on the horizon, changing its focus from being a once feared muscle car to a plain and simple family car, but the SS model will still be there to tickle the fancy of practicality and performance.

The future, standard Chevrolet Impala was just unveiled at the 2012 New York Auto Show, so we expect to see the SS version launched sometime by the end of the year or in early 2013. The new SS should follow the same guidelines set in the previous models, so expect to see a V8 engine with an output of up to 450 HP cradled under that family sized hood. In terms of design, the new Impala SS will receive a modified bumper, new grille, new side skirts, a new set of wheels, an SS badge, and some new red paint.


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  (1) posted on 07.30.2012

more than likely they new SS will take the same chassis and power train (LS3) that the G8 GXP and commodore had!! too save on money because thats what GM likes to do... i think the engine u were describing will be put to use in the upcoming ATS-V!!!

  (11) posted on 04.12.2012

I have to disagree with the writer on a V8 being an option for a new SS. GM is building a twin turbo version of it’s 3.6L V6 with performance numbers that are close to those the writer suggested for the V8. Seeing as FE will also a concern, it would be in their best interest to keep weight down as AWD will be needed to put that kind of power to the pavement safely. GM also has an 8 speed tranny under development so by next year, I expect the Impala SS to be Chevy’s tech showcase.

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