As a fuel efficient form of urban transportation, the Chevy Sparkdoes its job exactly as it is supposed to. The problem with this is that the Honda Fit and the Ford Fiesta also do this, but are also a lot more fun to drive and are even better looking. Spark sales have consistently lagged far behind the more popular cars in this segment, and that’s why a new Spark will be debuting in just a few months. But, before that happens, Chevy would like to send the current Spark out with a bang, and will be bringing a special version to the SEMA show next month.

The car is being called a Spark RS, although this is a fictional trim level, at least for this generation of the Spark. The car is part of the Red Line Series - a whole line of enhanced cars that Chevy is bringing to SEMA. So the Spark will be showed alongside new special versions of the Camaro, Malibu, Silverado, Colorado and Trax. The enhancements to each of these models are all essentially the same, but there are bound to be some other versions of several of these at SEMA, especially of the Camaro.

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  • 2015 Chevrolet Spark RS Red Line Series Concept
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    7 sec. (Est.)
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    125 mph (Est.)
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2015 Chevrolet Spark RS Red Line Series Concept
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The Spark RS starts off getting the same paint as the rest of the Red Line cars, a shade of silver that Chevy is calling Dark Liquid Switchblade Silver. As odd of a name as that might be, it does look good on all of the cars, but it is possible that it actually looks best on the Spark. The other cars get black roofs, but the Spark gets a black strip instead, and this also works well for the little car.

The Spark RS has several carbon fiber bits added

The Spark RS has several carbon fiber bits added, including a front splitter, rocker extensions and a rear-lower extension. Finishing it off is a new set of 17-inch wheels. These don’t have the red accents that the rest of the wheels on the Red Line cars have, but Chevy wanted to stress that these were “inspired by the Corvette Z07”. The press release then goes on to say that “every Chevrolet has the DNA of the Corvette,” which is an awfully bold statement when talking about a subcompact Korean hatchback.


2015 Chevrolet Spark RS Red Line Series Concept
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Unless there is something that Chevy isn’t telling us, the interior of the Spark RS is unchanged from that of the standard Spark. That sounds like a sarcastic statement, but it is genuinely plausible that Chevrolet has a few touches hidden away inside the car that we’ll only see once SEMA starts up. A few carbon fiber trim pieces and perhaps a unique color scheme to match the exterior certainly wouldn’t be out of place. But, as it is, the Spark’s interior isn’t so bad — at least not for a car in this price range. Higher trim levels offer some nicer equipment too, although if you’re prepared to spend that kind of money, there are some better choices out there.


2015 Chevrolet Spark RS Red Line Series Concept
- image 652407

This is another area where we’ll be forced to speculate, as Chevrolet has only told us about the cosmetic changes to the Spark RS. As it stands, the Spark comes with only one, seriously lackluster engine option — an 84-horsepower, 1.2-liter four-cylinder. It comes with either a five-speed manual or a CVT, and this is one of those odd situations where the CVT is actually the quicker option. It takes a leisurely 11-second stroll up to 60mph, and this is why an RS option would be so greatly appreciated.

There is already an RS trim for the bigger Sonic, but this isn’t a great example of the path that Chevy should follow for a Spark RS. The Sonic RS doesn’t make any more horsepower than the standard version of the car, and despite making more toque, it doesn’t return appreciably better performance numbers. But, something to take on the 197-horsepower Fiesta ST would be very cool to see. Let’s hope Chevy considers this for the new Spark.


2015 Chevrolet Spark RS Red Line Series Concept
- image 652405

The Spark, in its current form, is a bit of a relic of another era. It seems to come from a time when automakers believed that the only reason why anyone would ever actually want to buy a small car is because they were poor and therefore deserving of punishment and humiliation. But, most car companies have learned that some people just like small cars, and that even those customers buying a car because it’s cheap, the will still spend their money elsewhere if another company is offering a better product for the same price. This is why, as much as the Spark RS is a definite improvement over the standard car, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense in its current form. The new version of the Spark that we saw unveiled in New York shows some real promise, but it remains to be seen how it will stack up against the Fit and the Fiesta. If it performs well, an RS version would be fantastic.

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Press Release

Built to showcase dynamic appearance of the all-new, 2016 Chevrolet Spark, this concept applies the sporty RS treatment that has distinguished Camaro, Sonic and Cruze production models.

2015 Chevrolet Spark RS Red Line Series Concept
- image 652406

The Spark RS features a concept carbon-fiber front splitter, rocker extensions and a carbon-fiber rear-lower extension. Seventeen-inch wheels inspired by the Corvette Z07 fill out the wheel openings, while a lowered suspension gives the car an aggressive stance. The exterior is finished in Dark Liquid Switchblade Silver, with custom graphic accents.

“Every Chevrolet has the DNA of the Corvette and the Spark RS concept shows how the brand’s smallest car can deliver big on personalization,” said Todd Parker, director of design, Global Chevrolet. “It advances the RS heritage and interprets it in an entirely new way.”

The Spark RS concept is the result of a collaboration between Chevrolet’s design studios in North America and Korea. Chevrolet is gauging public opinion of the car in its evaluation for possible production.

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