Callaway bumps the new Camaro up to more than 600 horsepower

Callaway has a strong fascination with modifying Chevy vehicles, be it the Corvette, Camaro, or even pickups and SUVs like the Silverado and Tahoe. Some of the more notable cars include the 2014 Chevy Camaro Z/28 SC652, the 2014 Corvette Stingray GT3 by Callaway, and the 750 horsepower, 2016 Chevy Corvette Z06 by Callaway.

As was the case with the 2016 Z06, Callaway didn’t waste any time coming up with a tuner package for the 2016 Chevy Camaro. And, that is why I’m here to introduce you to the Callaway Camaro SC610 – that’s right Callaway already has a program to pump up the output on the brand-new Camaro. If you’re like me, the first thing you want to know is what Callaway did to achieve the power bump, and just how much it’s going to tax your wallet.

Of course, I’ll go over all the details of the upgrade, and we’ve even got a few good pictures too. So grab yourself a tasty beverage and prepare yourself for a nice gentle read as we take a journey down the page to see what makes this Camaro so special.

What makes the Chevy Camaro SC610 by Callaway Special

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SC610 By Callaway Exterior
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Don’t expect your Camaro to roll out of the garage looking different than it did when it went in. In all honesty, Callaway didn’t do a whole lot to spruce up the look of the Camaro. The only standard change is the exterior badging that designates it as a Callaway SC610. You could opt to have a set of Callaway nine-spoke, FlowForged wheels installed at a premium, but that is the extent of exterior modifications – unless you count the standard carbon fiber engine covers with the SC610 emblems.

Callaway was focused mainly on drivetrain upgrades for the new Camaro, so – much like the exterior – there isn’t much in terms of interior upgrades. Callaway did add its badging to the interior of the Camaro, new door sill panels, and Callaway embroidered floor mats. The SC610 also comes with special Callaway key fobs, and authenticity documentation. Outside of that, the Camaro looks just like it did when it rolled off the production line.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SC610 By Callaway Drivetrain
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2016 Chevrolet Camaro SC610 By Callaway Drivetrain
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The standard Camaro SS comes with a 6.2-liter that produces 455 horsepower and 455 pound-feet of torque. With the standard 3.73-inch rear end, the Camaro SS can hit the 60 mph sprint in just four seconds. These figures, despite how good they are, just wasn’t enough for Callaway. So, at the heart of the SC610 is a 2.3-liter GenThree supercharger system with a TrippleCooled intercooler system. That supercharger system, in conjunction with Callaway’s high-flow cold air intake system brings the Camaro up to 610 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque. That is an increase of 155 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque over the standard model. Callaway has yet to elaborate on performance figures, but I would expect the SC610 to hit the 60 mph in 3.7 to 3.8 seconds.

In addition to the engine upgrades and minor upgrades to the interior and exterior, the SC610 comes with a three year, 36,000-mile warranty. Other options include Callaway factory delivery, a Callaway Camaro car cover and an additional five year, 60,000-mile limited powertrain service contract. All told, this really isn’t a bad package. If I was going to have a Camaro, I would certainly rather have one that pumps out more than 600 horsepower. But, how much does the SC610 cost?

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SC610 By Callaway Exterior
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Unlike some tuner brands, Callaway is pretty good about releasing its pricing structure when it releases information about its tuner programs. For the SC610, the package starts out at $54,290. That price includes the Camaro and all of the standard equipment listed above. If you already own a 2016 Camaro and would like the same upgrade, Callaway can hook you up for $16,995. If you’re interested in getting your hands on an SC610, you can do so by contacting Callaway, or going to a California-based Chevy dealer that partners with Callaway.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro

2016 - 2017 Chevrolet Camaro High Resolution Exterior
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Press Release

Callaway Cars executives unveiled their new 610 horsepower 2016 Callaway Camaro to members of the automotive media and enthusiast VIPs on Feb. 18, 2016. Debuting at a private reception at Callaway’s Santa Ana, California factory, the SC610 displayed a number of technical accomplishments engineered by Callaway and integrated into the new Camaro platform.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SC610 By Callaway Exterior
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“We’re very proud of 2016 Callaway Camaro SC610, which is our latest offering,” said Reeves Callaway, founder of Callaway Cars. “For forty years, we’ve earned our reputation through our engineering and competition prowess. We’ve worked for the world’s premier sports car manufacturers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the new Callaway Camaro is very powerful and such a joy to drive. We designed this package for enthusiasts who want race car performance with perfect daily drivability.”

During the introduction, the Callaway team explained how the 2016 Callaway Camaro SC610 came into being.

“With Camaro’s new ‘Alpha’ architecture, our engineers were able to incorporate the GenThree Supercharger that we originally developed for the Callaway Corvette SC757,” said Mike Zoner, Managing Director of Callaway Cars. “We designed the Corvette system from a clean sheet of paper, applying features to increase airflow quality and reduce charge air temperature. Once we were able to adapt GenThree for the new Camaro, we produced dramatically more power – without jeopardizing reliability.”

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SC610 By Callaway Exterior
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The patented GenThree supercharger system is the heart of the Callaway Camaro SC610 package. Its 2300cc Eaton TVS rotor pack is configured to force air upward, lengthening the charge air path for more power. Power-robbing heat, inherently produced by supercharging, is removed from the charge air via convective cooling, as it flows through the supercharger housing. This effect is amplified by extending the housing through the hood, exposing it to ambient temperature. Conductive heat transfer is also utilized as the TripleCooled™ intercooler system includes one main and two additional intercooler elements, conducting heat from the charge air. The result is consistent power – lap-after-lap at the track or run-after-run at the dragstrip.

The Callaway Camaro SC610 package also includes a Callaway High Flow Cold Air Intake System to further improve performance. To distinguish the Callaway Camaro SC610, Callaway carbon fiber engine mid covers, an under hood build plaque with VIN, interior and exterior badging, door sill panels, and embroidered floor mats are included as standard equipment. Each Callaway Camaro SC610 comes with an authenticity documentation package as well.

Callaway Camaro SC610 engine management calibration provides excellent road car drivability with emission compliance in all 50 states. A standard 3 year/36,000 mile (60,000 km) Limited Warranty is included and an optional 5 year/60,000 Limited Powertrain Service Contract is also available, concurrent with the GM powertrain warranty term.

The Callaway Camaro SC610 is available with automatic or manual transmission, as a coupe or convertible, through a network of Callaway Authorized Dealers. In addition, Callaway factory salespeople can be contacted to assist prospects through the purchasing process. Callaway Camaro SC610 MSRP starts at $54,290 (including the base Camaro SS), or at $16,995 as an option on the automobile.

Callaway cars are specialist models, built on demand, with retail financing and warranty coverage. They are sold as new cars through selected GM Dealerships. Callaway Cars Incorporated is an automotive engineering and manufacturing corporation specializing in high performance applications. Founded in 1976, Callaway Cars builds specialty vehicles, offers engineering services and creates performance products with and for original equipment manufacturers.

Callaway cars and trucks are assembled to precise engineering specifications by expert technicians at Callaway facilities, exclusively. All Callaway cars and trucks are also fully emission-compliant. In addition, Callaway provides the most comprehensive standard warranty among all specialty manufacturers.

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