Ringbrothers is a company “with an affinity for muscle cars,” as they say on the official website, which usually specializes in low, ground-hugging vehicles designed to go around corners very well. At this year’s edition of the SEMA show, however, they brought out their first off-roader, a tastefully restomodded Chevy K5 Blazer, based on the full-size model built from the early 1970s to the early 1990s; the Blazer they used is from 1971, and boy did they deliver...

The company sells many components they make themselves, and it seems this modded K5 got as many of them as they could fit on it. What resulted is probably one of the best looking modded off-roaders I’ve ever seen, which blends decent off-road capability with a head-turning look, strong performance courtesy of an LS3 swap, and some modern gadgets too.

If this is the Ringbrothers’ idea of an off-roader, then we ask them to make more of these, or start selling them as scale models, because I want one to put on my office desk.


2018 K5 Chevy Blazer Restomod by Ringbrothers
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The body of the donor K5 is pretty much stock, but that doesn’t mean it is stock. It features custom-designed and -fabricated running boards, firewall, air box, engine covers, fan shroud, floors and side panels. They also fitted a roll cage which appears to have been painted to match the color of the interior - and the effect definitely works and doesn’t make it look out of place.

Ringbrothers used many of the parts they currently sell to create this vehicle, like the amazing looking hood hinges, universal truck tie downs, door handles, window cranks among others.

Ride height is increased by 1 inch, and the wheel wells have been enlarged to be able to accommodate the custom 17-inch Circle Racing rims wearing some very purposeful looking all-terrain tires from BF Goodrich.

2018 K5 Chevy Blazer Restomod by Ringbrothers
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The overall impression is that the truck appears mostly stock, but with plenty of subtle touches for those with an eye for details. There are, for instance, Ringbrothers logos (which are sylized Rs), one on the grille up front and the other is integrated into the Chevrolet lettering on the tailgate, replacing the standard letter “R”.


2018 K5 Chevy Blazer Restomod by Ringbrothers
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First thing you notice about the interior is that it’s completely covered in brown leather with light contrasting stitching. This applies to the entire dashboard, the steering wheel, the seats and the side panels. The carpeting used looks suitably posh too and it covers the entire floor of the vehicle, even the inner part of the tailgate.

Ringbrothers has installed its own stalks for the lights, indicators and wipers, its own air vents, switches, pedals and shift knob.

There’s also a touchscreen infotainment unit embedded in the dash, but we aren’t informed as to its origin; it’s definitely connected to the subtly integrated new sound system, though.

Overall, the interior looks as good as the ones made by ICON 4x4, but with a slightly different style. It definitely feels much more luxurious than the original K5, but it still retains its rugged appeal.


2018 K5 Chevy Blazer Restomod by Ringbrothers
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Powering this custom K5 is an LS3 crate engine from GM which makes 430 horsepower courtesy of a Holley fuel system, exhaust by Flowmaster and AFCO radiator. The gearbox used is a Bowler Performance 4L60E automatic transmission, but the rest of the drivetrain seems to be stock as we are not informed of any additional aftermarket bits being put in.

Final Thoughts

2018 K5 Chevy Blazer Restomod by Ringbrothers
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We expect this custom K5 to get a great reaction at SEMA, since there isn’t anything out of place on it. It’s a clean K5 restomod up there with the best of them, blending the car’s original character with extra power, luxury and modernity - there really isn’t anything bad to say about it, other than the fact it induces strong feelings of craving.

If this is the Ringbrothers’ first 4x4 build, then we want to see the next ten, and we’re curious how they can improve on the excellent formula they chose here.

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