An all-electric C7 Vette with supercar credentials

Genovation GXE is an electric vehicle based on the C7-Gen Chevy Corvette with plenty of power as well as visual treatment to let onlookers know it’s something a bit special. Wraps officially came off the limited production version at the 2018 LA motor show, where we were informed of its strict 75-unit production cap as well as the fact that the company expects to deliver the first ones in mid-2019.

Now while Genovation rips out the Corvette’s V-8 and replaces it with two electric motors, the company leaves the stock transmission inside, and you can even choose whether it’s a manual or automatic. Exact performance numbers aren’t mentioned, but we are informed of the vehicle’s sub-3-second zero to sixty time.

Visually, the GXE does stand out among Corvettes, with its unique bumpers, rims, and LED strips that highlight some of its design features. You will definitely know something is up when one of these drives by, not only due to the extra exterior lighting but also because of its almost complete lack of noise as it moves along.

Its only slight problem is the fact that you are asked to part with $750,000 in exchange for one. And, while the sheer novelty of having a usable, more luxurious, custom, and fully electric Corvette it is going to be out of the reach of most enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that you can buy no fewer than six Corvette ZR1s for the same money. You know, just to put things into perspective.

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Exterior

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Exterior
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While the Genovation GXE is undeniably a C7 Corvette, they have done enough to help it stand out. The aforementioned LED strips can be seen on the front bumper, where they follow the contour of one of the bumper’s blade details, as well as on the side mirrors, where the LEDs run up the prong that holds the mirror and onto the mirror itself - some cars have their side repeaters for indicators here, but the GXE just gets an ornamental (green) light strip.

The front end also has an oversized splitter, matched by a big diffuser that sticks out the back to visually balance it all out.

The back also has different lights - gone are the Corvette’s sharp looking standard clusters which have been replaced by circular units like you used to see in older models.
2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Exterior
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There’s also a huge wing on the back that appears to be unique to this vehicle, and you’ll also be able to spot one of these by the unique badges it gets on the front, sides, and rear end. The wheels are full carbon fiber, made by the company Carbon Revolution, and the brakes are upgraded too, swapping out the standard rotors and calipers for carbon ceramic system from Brembo.

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Interior

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Interior
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While the overall layout of the interior is exactly the same as that of the regular C7 Corvette, Genovation has made some important changes.

Firstly, nearly all surfaces are covered in either leather or Alcantara, and the center console is dominated by a huge portrait-style touchscreen measuring 10.4 inches.

The interior was given this makeover to make it seen more posh because Genovation is charging considerably more for its GXE than you normally have to pay for a normal Corvette. It doesn’t look hugely different, but for owners of the regular car it will be a bit of a change.

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Drivetrain

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Exterior
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The biggest talking point of the Genovation GXE lies under its hood, where we find two electric motors sending their power to the transaxle gearbox located on the rear axle.

As previously mentioned, the GXE retains its original (manual seven-speed or automatic eight-speed) factory transmission, but the electric motor tandem pushes out ‘over’ 800 horsepower and in excess of 700 pound-feet / 950 Nm of torque.

The zero-to-sixty sprint is dealt with in around two and a half seconds according to the company that built the car and, thanks to the use of a stock transmission, top speed is very high for an all-electric vehicle. These are usually limited to a speed far lower than that in an effort to keep the batteries from being drained too quickly.

The GXE draws its juice from five separate battery modules all of which are located in the lower part of the vehicle to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. Together these batteries all provide 61.6 kWh which is good for a claimed 175 miles / 281 km.

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Exterior
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According to Genovation, its GXE has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, achieved partly through the way the batteries are placed in the car (as well as retaining the transaxle). However, there is more weight to lug around here than with a regular Vette, with the GXE coming in at 4,200 pounds or 1,905 kilograms.

Final Thoughts

2019 Genovation GXE Electric Chevy Corvette Exterior
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At $750,000 a pop and only 75 ever being made, the Genovation GXE will be an exceedingly rare sight in the real world. Yet it remains really interesting for enthusiasts who want to blend the seamless power surge of an electric drivetrain with the fun of shifting your own gears, as well as higher speeds than most current EVs can achieve.

For that reason alone it may be worth the asking price for some people, although it’s such a unique vehicle that it may simply be bought and kept in a collection and never driven. And that’s a shame because the performance credentials are definitely impressive - it won’t be as good around corners compared to a regular C7, but in a straight line, few cars will be able to keep up with it.

It’s currently the fastest street-legal electric vehicle too, having been officially clocked at 190.5 mph / 306.5 km/h by the Guinness Book of World Records, and that alone might be incentive enough for a wealthy collector to want to snap one up.

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