About 16 years ago Chevrolet launched the Niva, a mini SUV spawned from a joint venture between General Motors and Russian manufacturer AvtoVAZ. The Chevrolet Niva is based on the no-nonsense Lada Niva, which has been around since 1977 without major updates, using the same Russian-built underpinnings. But don’t let the dated appearance fool you, the Chevy Niva is a capable off-roader that can put many modern SUVs to shame.Nearly two decades after rebadging the Lada Niva, General Motors is finally upping the ante to deliver a more appealing second-generation SUV. For the moment only a concept, the new Chevrolet Niva is a massive departure from the current SUV, boasting an all-new design, a more rugged appearance, and revamped drivetrain.

The production model won’t break cover until 2016 and we likely won’t see it in the United States, but it’s definitely a vehicle worth a mention. If you like to spend your weekends taking on the roughest off-road paths in your SUV, then the Niva Concept is a rock climber you need to have a look at.

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Chevrolet Niva Concept in Detail

Chevrolet Niva SUV Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Chevrolet Niva SUV Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Chevrolet Niva SUV Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Although details are scarce as 9/4/2014, the photos released by Chevrolet are enough to see what the Niva Concept is all about visually. The first thing that catches the eye is the SUV’s off-road gear. The Niva Concept is equipped with beefy BF Goodrich tires, a winch, tow hooks, a snorkel, and underbody cladding, all of which suggest this vehicle is a proper off-roader and not just a perched hatchback. A big roof rack with integrated auxiliary lighting and matte-black paint round off the Niva’s exterior appearance.

Chevrolet Niva SUV Concept Exterior
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There’s no word as to what amenities can be found in the cabin, but it seems the production Niva will be motivated by a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine rated at around 135 horsepower. The unit will mate to a five-speed manual gearbox and a full-time four-wheel-drive system. The vehicle will arrive in 2016, but don’t expect to find it in U.S. dealerships. The next-generation Chevrolet Niva will be exclusive to the Russian market.

Lada X-Ray Concept

2012 Lada Xray Concept High Resolution Exterior
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The Chevrolet Niva was preceded by the Lada Xray Concept. This coupe-like crossover surfaced in 2012 to introduce a stylish exterior we don’t usually get to see coming from budget automakers. The interior is equally impressive, featuring triple-tone, leather-wrapped seats, silver accents and even an eight-inch LCD screen atop the dashboard. A pretty sharp concept overall, one that could compete against the Nissan Juke. Unfortunately, Lada’s Xray never became more than just a study.

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Press Release (Translated)

Modern stylish exterior and interior of the concept give an idea about the design of the future Chevrolet NIVA. Paying tribute to the current generation of the legendary SUV models in the exhibition with the help of additional equipment underlines the exceptional all-terrain potential model. The concept is equipped with large-wheels 235/70 / R16 tires with a special all-terrain, protection of the engine and front axle, snorkel, roof rails and attached to them a spare wheel, and an additional light beam. In the future, a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for buyers who love their country and want to enjoy its vast open spaces at any time of the year.

Chevrolet Niva SUV Concept High Resolution Exterior
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"In the style of the new car will be much closer to the line of Chevrolet. At the same time a more brutal appearance and characteristics of the car suggest that it will continue to be a real NIVA!", - Said General Director of JV Jeffrey Glover (Jeffrey Glover).

The emergence of a new generation of Chevrolet NIVA is expected in 2016.

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