The six-seater minivanhas a lot of potential

The Chrysler Portal Concept was unveiled last year at the Consumer Electronics Show. The electric van received a lot of attention, and perhaps because of that interest, FCA has given the green signal to commence production. According to Automotive News, the van will hit the assembly line; however, it will come at the cost of the 300 sedan in the brand’s lineup.

What is the Chrysler Portal Electric Van?

Chrysler to Ax the 300 and Shift the Portal Electric Van into Production Computer Renderings and Photoshop Drivetrain
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The concept was displayed with a 100-kWh battery, good enough to go for 250 on a full charge.

The company was being modest about it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the production version achieves a better figure as there will be major changes in the aerodynamics of the van. On the other hand, a 100-kWh battery would probably not make it to the production.

The Portal concept also showcased a 350-kW DC fast charging ability. As the car is expected to arrive in 2020, the charging network being built by Electrify America will have stations at multiple locations, making it easier for customers to charge their cars on the road.

When the concept was revealed, it boasted an autonomous feature, but it not likely to make it to the production version, since the Chrysler Portal van is expected to roll out in 2020, and the feature probably won’t be ready by then. The cool thing about the autonomous feature was the retracting steering wheel; wherein the steering would retract when the feature was activated. Does this ring a bell? BMW plans to have a similar technology in the iNEXT.

What Does Chrysler Have To Say?

Chrysler to Ax the 300 and Shift the Portal Electric Van into Production Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Chrysler is clear with who its target market is for the Portal Minivan. While one would expect it to be a family of 5-6 people, it’s actually the millennials!

This is what the official website has to say - “To create the next generation of family transportation, FCA sought the collaboration and fresh ideas of millennials working inside its design and engineering functions. Those ideas led to the Chrysler Portal concept — created by millennials for millennials."

“Millennials are a tech-savvy, environmentally-aware, cost-conscious generation. The Chrysler Portal concept is designed to respond to these needs, and it explores the possibility of what a family transportation vehicle could look like for the millennial generation as their lifestyles evolve. The flexibility, adaptability and technology features also make it ideal for business and commercial applications, such as ride-hailing, car sharing, and delivery services.”

Can It Become The Market Leader Again?

Chrysler to Ax the 300 and Shift the Portal Electric Van into Production Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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FCA invented the mini-van in the 1980’s, but couldn’t capitalize on the lead, thus making way for other manufacturers who have been enjoying their share of the pie over the decades.

If the Electric Portal clicks successfully, Chrysler could get back on the driver’s seat and lead the path, as there are barely any mainstream manufacturers who have planned for an electric minivan.

We can say this confidently because Chrysler showcased the Pacifica Hybrid recently, and we know how capable the automaker is in terms of manufacturing quality electric vehicles.

How similar do you think the production version will be to the concept? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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