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The Chrysler PT Cruiser is – or should we say, was – a car that you would never mistake for being a powerhouse. Retro-looking, sure. Snorting horsepower? Hardly.

The only way you could give the PT Cruiser some street rep is to take out its four-cylinder mechanical guts and place something akin to a Dodge Viper’s powerhouse V10 in it, which, fortunately, is exactly what someone did to their beloved, little hatch. The result is a vehicle that epitomizes substance over style. On the outside, the first thing you’ll notice is the fact that this PT Cruiser was turned into a pick-up, which is weird enough on its own considering the retro hatch’s unmistakable profile. So without the rear doors and a hatch that has since been replaced with a pick-up bed, the PT Cruiser’s new profile lends itself a curious look.

That is until you pop open the hood.

Where a 2.4-liter four-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine that produces 150 horsepower and 165 lb-ft of torque once resided is now an old 8.0-liter V10 engine that produces 500 horsepower to go with the Viper’s six-speed transmission, rear suspension, and steering rack. The car is said to have been built some years back, but given it’s uniqueness and downright peculiarity – not to mention the insane power under its hood – it’s still something that will catch your attention.

Now is it enough to warrant a bid on eBay for more than the $13,100 price tag currently on display? We say absolutely only because something this weird with that much horsepower is bound to make anyone stand out in a crowd.


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  (858) posted on 12.20.2011

It looks cute on its platform and dimension! Well, I never thought it is possible to have that kind of truck. Anyway, did they truly put it on the market? What’s the engine specification of this?

  (224) posted on 11.9.2011

This cruiser is truly looks very cute on its platform and no doubt if why they called it strange! smiley Anyway, I’m so impressed with its engine specification. It seems so powerful for this one.

  (776) posted on 10.26.2011

V10 engine that can deliver 500 horsepower is I think quite good enough and impressive on it. I must also say that I’m confused with its platform, it seems that it’s too small for a pick-up truck.

  (474) posted on 10.3.2011

Very elevated and compact car. Its giant look give exactly the description to the concept of the car. Likely most need for heavy used, and long journey ride.

  (692) posted on 09.12.2011

Not worthy for the price, although it has a great engine and power steering with if the design like a pick up truck, this kind of retro like car is no impact for me.

  (302) posted on 07.26.2011

This car is a powerful, but I agree that gas prices are high nowadays. The automakers, I think, are not threatened with the gas price because they know that some folks can still afford to have this one.

  (619) posted on 06.30.2011

Yeah, this is why you are seeing less and less of these babies in the streets nowadays. Even the manufacturers are slowly shying away from those huge pickup trucks.

  (273) posted on 06.28.2011

Doubt it, if you look at the latest sales figures coming out from the automakers, they show that SUV sales are going down. This is mainly due to the increase in gas price these past few months.

  (580) posted on 06.23.2011

Well, they left us with a really interesting piece. Just imagine that, a pickup with so much power in it. I wonder if anyone would actually try this one nowadays.

  (596) posted on 06.14.2011

Actually, I am a bit disappointed that they pulled out this one from production early. I would say that, even though there are still some work that needs to be done here, it was still a promising car.

  (619) posted on 06.13.2011

Really looks like it is a lowered pickup truck. But even if that’s the case, it still looks rather awkward to me. And it doesn’t help that the engine is quite small.

  (599) posted on 06.13.2011

Yeah I agree! It’s like a vintage car that I’ve seen before.
I thought it was taxi cab, but as i seen the engine of it, it’s make realized that these car still a power car.

  (580) posted on 06.10.2011

This car looks odd enough on the picture. What kind of design is this? As you say, it weird at all. But after I see its engine or the parts inside those big hood. It’s a power truck for me.

  (334) posted on 06.10.2011

It’s really pretty odd that Chrysler themselves can’t do a decent performance upgrade on this baby. If you look at it, they have a lot of different engine options that they can use for this one.

  (665) posted on 06.9.2011

Well now, that’s definitely one awesome take on the the PT Cruiser. I must admit, that’s really the only downside that the car has. But they definitely managed to go around that.

  (701) posted on 06.9.2011

Oh no! I really don’t want to see a truck version on Chrysler! I don’t like to see this car holds a golf bag and even if the speed performance is great, I will not consider to buy one of this.

  (460) posted on 06.9.2011

Though I’m a bit disappointed in the platform of this car still I’m impressed with its performance.

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