Cirbin V13R

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Cirbin V13R

Cirbin V13R

Cirbin launched the V13R, a three-wheels vehicles that combines the look of a Hotrod with modern style details. The V13R is powered by a Harley-Davidson Liquid-cooled Revolution 60° V-Twin engine. The engine developed by Porches for Harley-Davidson® is powerful, easy to control and reliable. Featuring electronic injection the Harley-Davidson® V-ROD® is EPA and CARB approved.

The 76 cubin inches (1250cc) engine delivers 125 HP at the wheel, with 84lbs of torque at 6,000 rpm, representing 3,000 rpm below red-line. This translates into great acceleration and fun. The engine power is always available and seems to never end. Controlled by clutch and gas pedals (just like in your car), the sequential shifting mechanism lets you ride as you wish.

The V13R uses the V-ROD engine’s 5-speed sequential transmission with a strap to transfer the engine’s power to the rear wheel.

The V13R is on sale at a price of $39.995.

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