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2016 Citroen E-Mehari

2016 Citroen E-Mehari

Citroen produced more than 144,000 examples of the versatile Mehari between 1968 and 1988. The utility vehicle served many purposes, including military use by the French, while civilians loved it for its off-road capabilities. It was the ultimate off-road, beach-goer. Citroen seems to be somewhat obsessed with this piece of its past, as it keeps looking back to it for inspiration for its modern day vehicles.

If you look at the C4 Cactus, it clearly shares some of the design characteristics, and let’s not forget the Citroen Cactus M Concept that we recently snagged photos of at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. Now, Citroen is at it again – paying tribute to the Mehari and borrowing from its design characteristics yet again. This time, however, it isn’t a Cactus model or a concept. This time, Citroen has even resurrected the Mehari name, calling its new electric vehicle the Citroen E-Mehari.

Citroen says the E-Mehari is “incomparable, silent, and stress-free” and it “stands apart as a free spirit in the automotive market.” The E-Mehari does have some interesting styling and does have a “fun” look to it, and it is said to confirm Citroen’s interest in developing cheery, optimistic vehicles that are entirely different from the rest. You could say it does cover those bases quite well, as long as you don’t look at some of the other Citroen models anyway.

The E-Mehari isn’t something that would get a lot of traction here in the U.S., but in the French market – the market it is intended for – this little electric four-seater should get quite the following from those who miss that iconic off-roader from the past. The E-Mehari is currently in the middle of its debut to the world, and is on display in Paris until December 11th. That said, let’s take a look and the new E-Mehari and see what this interesting little EV is all about.

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