Citroen has set its path in motion for the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show with a teaser image of the third model in the DS line-up, next to the DS3 and DS4. The Citroen DS5 will make its debut at the Shanghai International Motor Show on April 20, 2011, but first, the company will be presenting their new model on Citroën’s Facebook page on April 18, 2011 at 10:30am Paris time (so about 4:30pm Eastern time).

The DS5 is described as "the manifestation of its finest expertise. A daring and sculptural creation, the DS5 perfectly expresses the DS spirit, namely bold choices on styling, architecture, sensations and refinement, while implementing the best in Citroën technology."

Next to an impressive exterior design, the DS5 is also the first Citroen model to feature HYbrid4 diesel hybrid technology, providing enhanced performance and class leading environmental credentials.

Updated 04/18/2011: This review has been updated with the official images and details. Hit the jump to read more about the new Citroen DS5.

UPDATE 10/05/11: Citroen has officially unveiled the first official promo video for the DS5. In addition to the a brief walk-around the car and some driving footage, there’s also a brief introduction on the technology and heritage of the car. Check it out by clicking on the photo above.

Exterior and Interior

2011 Citroen DS5 High Resolution Interior
- image 399145

The new Citroen DS5 is based on the C-Sport Lounge concept and features the same styling cues as the DS3 and DS5. The exterior is defined by flowing lines, a sleek profile, and muscular wheel arches. Up front, the car gets an oversized air intake, a large chrome-finished grille housing the chevrons, and a new LED light signature. Compared to the other DS model, the DS5 features chrome-finished "sabre" inserts stretching from the top of each headlamp to the windscreen. At the rear, there are two tail pipes built into the rear bumper and highlighted by a rear signature featuring six light guides. The DS5 will sit on large alloy wheels, size 16" to 19".

The same design language is also continued on the interior, where Citroen did their best in making the driver’s job as easy as possible. There is a river-focused cockpit featuring a coupe-like driving position with a near-vertical steering wheel and a wide central console. However, it might be useful to have a manual around you as there are tons of buttons, switches, scroll wheels, and toggles grouped on two central consoles - one low down and one above the driver’s head, "pilot-style".

Everything on the interior is covered in fine-grain Club leather and exclusive designs like the "watchstrap" seat upholstery - a signature touch of the DS line that is unique to the market.

The model presented in Shanghai is painted in White Pearl, while the interior of the cabin features ebony-colored full-grain leather, contrasting subtly with silver-flecked over stitching. The car sits on specially designed 20-inch alloy wheels.


2011 Citroen DS5 Exterior
- image 399154

The new Citroen DS5 is the company’s first model to feature HYbrid4 diesel hybrid technology that combines a 2.0 liter diesel engine with an electric motor powering the rear axle. The system delivers a total of 200 HP and is combined with four-wheel drive capability, emission-free electric power for the city, and an acceleration boost function for the open road. With this engine set-up, the new HYbrid4 system emits only 99 g/km of CO2.


There is no word just yet on when this new model will go on sale or how much it will cost, but stay tuned and we will let you know.


2011 Citroen DS5 High Resolution Exterior
- image 399153

The Citroen DS5 was most certainly built as an alternative for the group’s other HYbrid4 powered crossover: the Peugeot 3008. Of course, the latest DS5 model is far more impressive than the Peugeot model, but when it comes to performance, they are identical. If people decide they want a model with style and luxury then they should opt for the DS5 model. The only problem with that is the extra oomph provided by the new model will come with a higher price tag.

2011 Citroen DS5 High Resolution Exterior
- image 399143
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  (429) posted on 01.2.2012

I love the luxury interior of this car even the hybrid technologies of it. The wheels emphasize the classy look of this DS5.

  (858) posted on 12.20.2011

Wow, this one is a rather aggressive teaser. Kind of reminds me of one of those suspense movies where you only see the eye of the mystery creature. So what’s this mystery car going to look like?

  (276) posted on 11.24.2011

The mileage on its front bumper, makes it more looks so aggressive and elegant, but I’m still curious on what will be the final outlook of this DS5? Anyway, I’m so impressed with its technology.

  (484) posted on 11.10.2011

The interior is looks so spacious and classy, but for some reason, I must say that I’m not so impressed on its exterior detailing, maybe I just find it too aggressive.

  (474) posted on 10.3.2011

Exterior wise, this concept is more advance and modern design car. Very establish every details have somethings to say. Ill give more credit to it. Ideally perfect.

  (415) posted on 09.5.2011

One of the best impressive exterior that I saw today. Luxury interior really sounds great and good for it. It is rather a convenient hybrid car.

  (194) posted on 08.17.2011

Citroen DS5 really had the impressive look, I love the luxury interior of this car even the hybrid technologies of it. The wheels emphasize the classy look of this DS5.

  (474) posted on 07.20.2011

Its emission of Carbon Dioxide is pretty much good compare to other hybrid cars. In my part, this car shows the aggressiveness not the elegance they are telling. However, these will be a tough competition between other hybrid cars.

  (600) posted on 07.5.2011

hmm. Well, I don’t think that the design on the interior seems good. IMO, the styling is similar with the Honda Civic. BTW, its kind of disappointing that it offers only one engine option. Well, I guess this is not the best option for crossover.

  (777) posted on 07.5.2011

Even before I was impressed with the styling of this car! I like the styling for the interior of this car and the high technology features makes it even better.

  (571) posted on 06.8.2011

Well, to tell you the truth, I am really not all that impressed with this one. I mean, there are other cars that would pretty much fit in the niche that this one is try to fill.

  (777) posted on 05.30.2011

Wow, the interior actually looks rather spacious for this one, which is quite surprising since I thought this one is a compact car. I also love how the dash was made here.

  (444) posted on 05.4.2011

What a great concept, I really admired this car and i think this type of car is my ultimate soulmate. I will definitely make this spouse for me for the rest of my driving experience.

  (379) posted on 05.3.2011

Yeah.. It quite not good, I think this must be set into wide upgraded version on it, So it has a little bit appealing and enable to become a very good hybrid.

  (541) posted on 04.20.2011

Yeah, you’re right it does look like a large sedan, but if they say that this one is an SUV, then lets just let it that way. But the car actually looks very good.

  (807) posted on 04.19.2011

For a hybrid car, the figure performance is quite impressive though I have to say that the design is not good. And i bet the Peugeot is better compare to this car.

  (399) posted on 04.19.2011

I have to say that it looks like a sedan,its kinda long for a SUV.I think the front is bloat loaded! And the price, well its pricey!

  (337) posted on 04.19.2011

Thank goodness they have already released new photos of the DS5, I have been waiting for them for quite a while. And I am not disappointed by what I am seeing now.

  (600) posted on 04.18.2011

Hey, haven’t they released the specs on this one yet? I thought they were supposed to be releasing info about this car a few days before the Shanghai Auto Show.

  (708) posted on 04.15.2011

Well, considering that this one is coming from the DS line, I have a pretty good idea of what the DS5 would look like. I must admit though that I am not particularly fond of the whole DS line.

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