Citroën has created a new C4 Cactus with a focus toward the surfer population

Fans of the Citroën C4 Cactus has something to be excited about when the doors open at the Geneva Auto Show. Citroën has created a special edition C4 Cactus, dubbed the Rip Curl, that brings some interesting design cues and new technology to the C4 line – some of which aren’t available on any other C4 model.

This new, special-edition model is built out of a collaboration between Citroën and the surfing brand, Rip Curl. The idea behind the special edition is to boost the outdoor spirit already offered by the C4 Cactus and take it to another level. As Citroën put it, “The C4 Cactus Rip Curl encourages drivers to hit the road anytime, anywhere” and is “ideal for lifestyles focused on leisure and well-being.”

The biggest highlight of the C4 Cactus Rip Curl is the new Grip Control system that was designed specifically for this model, and promises enhanced traction and drivability over most terrain. Surely this model will spawn a lot of interest for fans of the C4 Cactus when it official debuts in Geneva, so let’s take a closer look at the C4 Cactus Rip Curl and what makes it so special.

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What makes the Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition special

The new Grip Control system offers several selectable driving modes including Standard, Sand, Off-Road, Snow, and ESP Off. Standard mode is of course meant to be used on normal road conditions with ESP kicking in only when needed. The C4 Cactus Rip Curl is front-wheel drive, but in Sand mode, the transmission acts similar to that of a 4WD Low setting, preventing the vehicle from bogging down when traveling across loose ground or sand. In Off-Road mode, the vehicle acts as if it has a limited-slip differential by transferring the majority of torque to the wheel that has the most grip. Snow mode alternates the torque to each driven wheel as needed to prevent wheel slip, and ESP turns the system off to imitate that of a conventional front-wheel drive system.

2016 Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition High Resolution Exterior
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All modes but the Standard setting have a pre-set speed limit. Once that limit is exceeded, the system automatically jumps back into Standard mode. In other words, don’t try to race down the beach in Sand mode or you might get stuck. The Rip Curl is offered with either the PureTech 110 S&S or a BlueHDi 100, both of which mate to a manual transmission. To aid the new Grip Control system, the Rip Curl is equipped with Goodyear Vector, 205/50-series tires on 17-inch wheels.

Of course, a special-edition model wouldn’t be special unless it had some uniqueness inside and out, and Citroën made sure to do just that. On the outside, the Rip Curl is fitted with white roof bars, side view mirrors, and a vertical white stripe on the wings, as well as the Rip Curl logo. The rear lights feature the same design with the Rip Curl signature in white lettering – clearly aiming the vehicle at fans of surfing. There are also aluminum-colored skid plates in the front and rear. Black Airbump panels come as standard, but can be customized in three optional colors: Dune, Chocolate, and Grey. The Rip Curl will be available five different body colors: Obsidian Black, like you see in the images here, Tapenade Grey, Sport Red, Arctic Steel, and Pearl White. By 2017, Citroën plans to offer a new blue body color not available on any other Cactus model.

2016 Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition High Resolution Interior
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On the inside, Citroën has gone with a rather bright orange accenting. The biggest detail on the inside is the orange seatbelts that add a bit of livery to the cabin. Other orange accents include the stitching on the floor mats and orange flourish on the entertainment system’s loudspeakers. The seats are finished in a Mica Grey fabric as standard, or a black part-leather upholstery is also available, both of which are contrasted well by the subtle orange accents.

The Rip Curl is based on the C4 Cactus Flair, which means it comes standard with tinted windows, cruise control, and navigation, along with automatic functioning headlights, windshield wipers, and climate control. In addition, there are rear parking sensors, a rear parking camera, and a six-speaker audio system. Rounding out the feeling of nature, the Rip Curl is equipped with a panoramic glass roof that has thermal protection. The whole package itself comes together quite well, and this may be one of the best C4 Cactus models we’ve seen yet.

Citroën C4 Cactus

2014 Citroen C4 Cactus High Resolution Exterior
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The C4 Cactus is a compact crossover built on the same platform as the Citroën C3 and DS3. The C4 Cactus originally debuted in concept form in 2007 at the Frankfurt Auto show, but we didn’t see an official production version until the 2015 model year. The production version was based largely on the concept, and even included the Airbump panels that are designed to protect it from minor scrapes and bruises. The Cactus has been a big hit so far and was awarded World Car Design of the Year at the 2015 New York Auto Show.

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Press Release

New Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. A unique and fun crossover, this special edition C4 Cactus introduces Grip Control for improved traction, along with new styling elements that emphasise its outdoor character.

2016 Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition High Resolution Exterior
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A new type of crossover designed to shake up the sector, the C4 Cactus is continuing to expand its range with the World Premiere of a new special edition at the Geneva Motor Show. The Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl is born from the collaboration between Citroën and Rip Curl, the legendary brand from the world of surfing.

Through the association with Rip Curl – whose name alone has symbolised surfing since 1969 – Citroën is boosting the outdoor spirit of C4 Cactus through the introduction of an even more radical and adventurous version.

Citroën is providing C4 Cactus fans with a special edition that is more technologically advanced, with a higher level of all-road performance. This car is ideal for lifestyles focused on leisure and well-being. This philosophy is totally in tune with Rip Curl, a brand founded in Torquay, Australia, only a few hours’ drive from the mythical Cactus Bay surfing hotspot.

Sharing values such as innovation and creativity, both brands also share a taste for adventure. Rip Curl calls this “The Search”, meaning the search for the perfect wave. Now, the C4 Cactus Rip Curl encourages drivers to hit the road anytime, anywhere. The partnership is perfectly aligned and compliments the launch of Grip Control in the C4 Cactus range.

Grip Control – more traction, to help you get away

The Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl’s major innovation is enhanced traction. Associated with the more powerful C4 Cactus engines, each mated to a manual gearbox (PureTech 110 S&S manual and BlueHDi 100 manual). Citroën’s C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition is the only version to come with Grip Control. The car also features special Mud & Snow tyres to help keep it moving on difficult surfaces (Goodyear 205/50 R17 89V – Vector 4Seasons tyres).

2016 Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition High Resolution Exterior
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The Grip Control system provides the benefit of intelligent traction in ‘off-road’ mode. It uses an advanced anti-skid function built into the ESP computer, which manages the traction from the driven front wheels, and has various other modes for different types of terrain. The Grip Control selector, set in the centre of the dashboard, provides access to five operating modes:

STANDARD: to drive along sun-drenched coast roads, through sweeping mountain bends, long stretches of motorway or trendy city-centre avenues. This mode is intended for usual road conditions and normal driving use. It also lets the Grip Control system adapt automatically to the current state of the road.
SAND: to help you get as close as you can to the most beautiful surfing spots. This mode keeps you moving on loose ground or sand, and limits the risk of the car getting bogged down.
OFF-ROAD: allows you to drive safely on all types of slippery surfaces (mud, wet grass, dirt tracks). Acting as a limited-slip differential, this mode transfers the maximum amount of torque to the wheel with the most grip.
SNOW: to get you to the most beautiful ski resorts. This mode instantly adapts the traction of each driven wheel to the prevailing grip conditions, letting you move calmly and securely on snowy roads.
ESP OFF: to deactivate the ESP.

Each of the last 4 modes is operational up to a pre-set speed limit and then automatically reverts to ‘Standard’ mode.

The new Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl’s increased traction promises a unique driving experience for both drivers and passengers alike, irrespective of the season or destination. It also stands apart from the crowd with its trendy compact SUV looks.

Modern, functional design

The new Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl can count on its unique design for usability and style. This special edition is both modern and dynamic, reflecting the surfer ethos. Its looks stand out, with exclusive attributes both inside and out. Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl’s specific look includes: white door mirrors, white roof-bars and a white vertical strip on the wings blending geometric patterns and the Rip Curl logo. The rear quarter-lights feature the same pattern, applied horizontally, with the Rip Curl signature in white lettering. This graphic firmly places the car in the surfing world.

2016 Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 667252

The Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl also features front and rear aluminium-coloured protection plates that reinforce its ‘adventurer’ identity. The functional and stylish Airbump® technology enhances the personality of the C4 Cactus and protects its bodywork. Specified with black Airbump® panels as standard, a range of optional colours (Dune, Chocolate and Grey) allows customers to personalise their C4 Cactus Rip Curl. Five body colours will be available to order at launch: Tapenade Grey, Obsidian Black, Sport Red, Arctic Steel and Pearl White. By the end of the year, Citroën intends to offer a new and unique blue body colour to further enhance the Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl’s special edition status.

The C4 Cactus Rip Curl’s cabin features dynamic, energising orange detailing. The orange safety belts contrast with the interior finish of the Mica Grey fabric seats (standard specification) or the black part-leather upholstery (optional). The same colour schemes appear elsewhere in the cabin. The protective floor mats feature orange stitching and a label bearing the surfing brand’s logo. To carry on the theme of contrasts with the Stone Grey ambiance on-board, the Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl’s loudspeakers are also finished with an orange flourish.

With its high level of equipment, the new Special Edition C4 Cactus Rip Curl is based on the Citroën C4 Cactus Flair trim. Standard equipment includes: rear parking sensors and camera, automatic climate control, automatic headlamps and front wipers, navigation system, 6-speaker MP3 audio system, cruise control/speed limiter and tinted windows. So you can remain at one with nature, the Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl is fitted as standard with a panoramic glass roof, complete with thermal protection.

2016 Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 667253

On sale in the first half of 2016, the Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl will be exhibited on the Citroën stand in Hall 6 at the Geneva Motor Show from 1 March, 2016.

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