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Citroen plans to woo future C5 Aircross buyers with chunky SUV looks, striking fascias, and colorful design details. What you’re essentially looking at here is not an SUV, but the evolution of the European people carrier which Citroen chose to launch before the long overdue replacement for the C5 sedan and wagon.

First revealed for the Chinese market last year, and set to make its European debut at the Paris motor show this October, the C5 Aircross has been confirmed to arrive in showrooms by the end of 2018 with minor changes. Underpinning it is the same EMP2 platform used for the Peugeot 3008, 5008, and the Opel Grandland X - like these models from within the PSA group, the new C5 Aircross also lacks an all-wheel-drive option and only features Grip Control.

Previous C5-badged Citroens all used to feature the firm’s excellent hydropneumatic adjustable suspension, but here it’s been ditched in favor of what they call Progressive Hydraulic Cushions - basically two hydraulic stops on each corner: one for rebound and one for compression - and this is said to provide a very smooth ride, although the system is nowhere near as advanced as the previous one.


2019 Citroen C5 Aircross Exterior
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One of the C5 Aircorss’ selling points will undoubtedly be the way it looks, thanks to good proportions and front and rear fascias that give it a lot of personality. Up front is a two-tier light cluster design with the upper DRLs integrated into the dual chevron badge that runs across the entire front edge of the bonnet.

Underneath are two slim headlights which blend into part of the grille.

Then there’s another small slat-like intake below that and then an additional one in the lower part of the bumper which allows air into the intercooler.

There are also several styling details all around the exterior (which are red on white cars), starting with two rounded trapezoidal pieces on the lower front bumper, another two on the front door, and also on the underside of the roof rails. As the whole, the C5 Aircross pulls off the SUV look very convincingly for something not really designed to leave the tarmac.


2019 Citroen C5 Aircross Interior
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Like many new PSA products, the C5 Aircross has a bold and upmarket-looking interior with clear premium aspirations. Higher trim models come with a part-leather covered dashboard that really drives this point home.

Digital instruments replace analog dials with a customizable 12.3-inch screen, while the infotainment system features an eight-inch touchscreen and a touch-sensitive shortcut bar underneath.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are offered, but Citroen says its latest infotainment system is good enough to be used on its own, packing features like a 3D navigation system with real-time traffic and weather information, as well as a point of interest search function.

Seating comfort will be top notch, according to Citroen, thanks to what it calls Advanced Comfort seats which promise to enhance comfort and the feeling of well-being by providing an armchair-like experience. The seats are also high-set to offer a great view of the road ahead and can be clad in a wide choice of trim materials, from basic fabric all the way to Nappa leather.

2017 Citroen C5 Aircross High Resolution Interior
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Another key point about the interior is that it offers excellent visibility all around and there’s also a large, opening panoramic glass roof to add views of the sky as well.

Unlike the Chinese version of the C5 Aircross which just gets a split-folding rear bench, the one destined for Europe will have three individual seats instead.

Since this is a Citroen, there are plenty of unusual design details around the cabin: the steering wheel, for instance, doesn’t only have a flat bottom as is popular nowadays, but it also has a less common flat top. Moving down, the shifter, which is identical to that of the posh new Peugeot 508, also looks quite striking, but is actually quite comfortable to operate.


2017 Citroen C5 Aircross High Resolution Exterior
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Power for the C5 Aircross will come from a range of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines with outputs ranging from 130 to 180 horsepower.

Citroen does plan to add a plug-in hybrid version to the range, and that will have a combined output of 225 horsepower.

At launch, the two gasoline engine options will be the three-cylinder, 1.3-liter, PureTech 130 hooked up to a six-speed manual gearbox and the four-pot, 1.6-liter, PureTech 180 that is only available with an eight-speed automatic.

Diesel fans will be able to choose from three configurations: the 1.6-liter BlueHDi 130 with either the six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic or the 2.0-liter BlueHDi 180 which can only be had with the automatic.

Citroen says its revised eight-speed automatic gearbox reduces fuel consumption by 7 percent compared to the previous six-speed unit, it provides stop and start functionality up to 12 mph or 20 km/h, and also shifts more smoothly than before. It also features steering wheel-mounted paddles for manual shift control.


2019 Citroen C5 Aircross Exterior
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Citroen is blurring the lines between what we think of as an SUV and how we used to perceive people carrier type vehicles. The C5 Aircross is first and foremost a style statement that will help you stand out in a crowd, but also carry you and yours around comfortably, in a pleasant, airy environment.

It is by no means a proper SUV since it lacks all-wheel drive, but its raised ground clearance will make it very useful in the city.

It will provide stress-free motoring with little chance to hit or scrape something with its underside.

Its range of engines are identical to those found in its Peugeot and Opel brethren, and there actually isn’t a single bad unit among them. Best picks are obviously the more powerful ones since they provide the best and most effortless motivation while also keeping fuel bills very reasonable.

The C5 Aircross has no reason not to become a hit as it is exactly what the market wants: stylish both inside and out, it has character, it’s brisk enough but efficient at the same time, and it provides the all-important high driving position and SUV-like experience that is all the rage now (even in vehicles which aren’t actually SUVs).

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2017 Citroen C5 Aircross High Resolution Exterior
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Andrei Nedelea
Andrei Nedelea
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Citroën will showcase a modern and entirely renewed range at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. With six models released in less than two years – each sharing a distinctive and bold design as well as outstanding comfort via the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme – the brand will highlight the consistency customers can now expect across the range.

As an exciting first step for Citroën in terms of energy transition, New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept will make its global debut. The concept car will sit alongside key models such as New C4 Cactus, New C3 Aircross – and New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV as it makes its world premiere.

The new look of the brand will enable it to build on recent successes. In the first half of 2018, Citroën achieved growth of 9% globally. In Europe, the brand recorded its highest level of sales for seven years and grew its market share in both passenger and commercial vehicle sectors. These results highlight the success of Citroën’s recent launches: C3, New C4 Cactus and New C3 Aircross Compact SUV in Europe, and New C5 Aircross SUV in China.

This dynamic is supported by the comprehensive renewal of the brand itself. Citroën is inspired by its customers and their automotive experiences, which will be highlighted at the Paris Motor Show.


Models packed full of character and comfort features – thanks to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme – will be on display. There will be:

An ‘SUV’ area with the world premiere of New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV, along with New C3 Aircross. The compact C3 Aircross is already a great success, with over 100,000 sales globally.
A ‘Hatchback’ area, hosting New C4 Cactus with its innovative Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® (PHC) suspension, and the best-selling C3 (with over 400,000 units sold). An exclusive C3 Limited Edition JCC+ will be unveiled ahead of the show on 18 September 2018. The C1 Urban Ride will also be on show.
A ‘Family’ area of ultra-comfortable models, with the third-generation New Berlingo Leisure Activity Vehicle – which is currently being launched – presented as both M and XL versions. The range of SpaceTourer MPVs will also be presented.


World Premiere: New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept. This concept hints at the Hybrid version of New C5 Aircross SUV, which will be Citroën’s first PHEV model as part of the brand’s core model strategy. This will see 80% of the Citroën range with an electric option by 2023 and 100% by 2025. The model will offer even greater comfort due to its Zero Emission mode.
A range of models entirely certified according to the new WLTP protocol, benefiting from the most efficient low emission technologies, such as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for BlueHDi Diesel and Petrol Particulate Filters (PPF) for direct injection petrol engines.


There will be a ‘Fashion/Art Car’ zone showcasing Citroën’s partnership with designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and links with other iconic partners such as ELLE magazine (C3) and Rip Curl (New C3 Aircross and SpaceTourer).
A ‘Racing’ zone with C3 WRC and a driving simulator for rally fans.
Events in the “Le Petit Citroën” boutique and ”Café Bulle” with Citroën partner, Orangina.
A nod to the history of the brand – which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019 – with a 2CV van and a 5HP Type C from 1925 on display.


A colourful, welcoming and lively motor show stand “Inspired By You”, with a new ‘Arena’ featuring daily events. The new stand embodies comfort, reflecting how showrooms are evolving to adapt to new consumer habits and to meet customers’ needs – as demonstrated by the “La Maison Citroën” retail concept. Additionally, services such as Citroën Advisor and Rent&Smile continue to be rolled out to simplify the automotive experience and increase transparency and trust with our customers.


Citroën now embodies its “Inspired By You” signature more than ever, with a 100% renewed range inspired by customers and their everyday driving experiences. The current Citroën range, with the brand’s new ‘front face’, includes six new models launched in Europe in less than two years. The range is entirely consistent in terms of design and style, and comfort – thanks to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. Design and comfort have always been fundamental to the Citroën brand, whose ambition today is to be the leading automotive brand for comfort.


New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV – manufactured in France at the Rennes-La Janais factory – will be on display complete with the ‘Origine France Garantie’ (Guaranteed French Origin) label that was presented during the summer. The SUV will be shown in three different configurations to promote its full comfort and personalisation potential.


Boasting a strong personality, New C5 Aircross SUV stands apart through its singular, energetic and assertive attitude. Measuring 4.50m long, robust and muscular, the new model stands out in the SUV segment with its strong graphic details, such as the Airbump® panels, large 720mm-diameter wheels, ground clearance of 230mm and distinctive roof bars. The passenger compartment instantly gives an impression of protection and spaciousness, with a horizontal dashboard and enveloping seats. The high driving position gives the feeling of dominating the road, whilst the wide central console and warm materials provide a welcoming space. Similar to the latest Citroën models, New C5 Aircross has a broad range of personalisation features with 30 possible combinations available for the exterior. Seven body colours, a black two-tone roof and three Colour Packs are available. The Colour Packs comprise coloured inserts on the front bumper, the Airbump® panels on the lower parts of the front doors and on the roof bars. The new SUV also comes with five interior ambiances. The matching colours offer a trendy and premium ‘casual chic’ style.


An ambassador of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New C5 Aircross SUV features two major innovations: Citroën’s Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® (PHC) suspension and Advanced Comfort seats. These technologies filter out road imperfections and offer outstanding ride comfort for everyone on-board. New C5 Aircross delivers unique modularity in the segment – due to Citroën’s expertise in the world of MPVs – with three individual, sliding, folding and reclining rear seats, and best-in-class boot volume of 580-litres increasing to 720-litres.


Equipped with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 8-inch touchscreen, New C5 Aircross SUV features 20 latest-generation driver assistance systems, including Highway Driver Assist – a Level 2 autonomous driving system – as well as six advanced connectivity technologies.

The new, ultra-connected model is equipped with Wireless Smartphone Charging, and ConnectedCAM Citroën®. The model is powered by a range of efficient and high-performance petrol and diesel engines, ranging from 130hp to 180hp, plus the availability of the new EAT8 automatic gearbox.


With its unique personality, New C4 Cactus is the ultimate comfortable hatchback. This new model marks a substantial upgrade for C4 Cactus in terms of technology and engine options, while continuing to stand apart through its singular personality and comfort. The car’s styling is bold and modern, while offering enhanced status. Inside, New C4 Cactus provides unrivalled comfort, immersing passengers in a secure and protective environment. Benefiting from the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New C4 Cactus was the first model in Europe to feature Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension and the first vehicle in the world to boast Advanced Comfort seats.


With the launch of New Berlingo, Citroën has upgraded an icon in the Leisure Activity Vehicle segment, which it created nearly 22 years ago. As a major player in the market, Citroën has innovated over time to stand apart and remain the leader in terms of versatility and practicality. The best-selling Citroën model in almost 17 countries in 2017, the Berlingo (car and van combined) remains the second best-selling Citroën model overall, behind C3. In Europe, it is the second best-selling Leisure Activity Vehicle and remains in the top three in its segment as an LCV. Since its launch in 1996, more than 3.3 million Berlingo vehicles have been produced. This new third generation model is a perfect illustration of the brand’s signature ‘Inspired by You’. A multi-faceted vehicle, New Citroën Berlingo is a smart buy for families and seniors with active lifestyles who are looking for outstanding space, practicality and ease of use.


Citroën has made extensive upgrades to the Berlingo, which stands out with its original body styling as well as its robust but non-aggressive design.

New body styling with a more forward-set windscreen and a higher and shorter front end, achieved through the use of the EMP2 platform.
A front end design that is consistent with the identity of the Citroën brand with the two-tier light signature and front fog lights.
Flowing body styling with Airbump® panels at the bottom of the doors.
An uncluttered, typically Citroën interior, with light and airy design and several interior ambiances.
Personalisation options with an ‘XTR Pack’ and touches of colour.
Two sizes, M and XL with body lengths of 4.40m and 4.75m, with five or seven seats.



At the Paris Motor Show, Citroën is going all out and unveiling New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept. The concept anticipates the Hybrid version of New C5 Aircross SUV, which will launch at the beginning of 2020. Citroën’s first Plug-In Hybrid represents the first move in the brand’s ‘Low Emission Vehicle’ (LEV) offensive, which will launch one new LEV range each year from 2020, in line with the target of having an all-electric range by 2025. Citroën will offer an electric mobility solution for the core market in each segment, which will be perfectly tailored to customers’ needs. The high-end PHEV technology in New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept further strengthens the flagship’s positioning and adds another dimension to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, with:

A new experience of Citroën comfort with seamless, smooth and silent driving in electric mode (ZEV), which will further emphasise the first-class comfort of New C5 Aircross SUV.
Unrestrained electric mobility: up to 50km for daily use in ZEV mode and the security of a combustion engine for longer journeys, with low overall running costs.
Driving pleasure assured by the combination of the 180hp PureTech S&S petrol engine and an 80kW electric motor, offering torque on demand via the e-EAT8 automatic gearbox, and total power output of 225hp.
High-end technology designed for ease of use: automatic mode management, easy recharging, intuitive information and the easy maintenance of the modular interior layout.


True to the customisable and distinctive spirit of New C5 Aircross SUV, the concept is offered in a special livery – white, Deep Blue and touches of anodised Electric Blue (front bumper inserts and Airbump® panels, lower section of roof bars), as well as graphic motifs highlighting its electric credentials. The 19-inch ‘Anthracite’ wheels add a dynamic touch. On the rear tailgate, the Hybrid logo marks out the drivetrain.

This two-tone white and blue effect – which is specific to New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept – is echoed inside, with beige leather-effect fabric Advanced Comfort seats and a dashboard strip in the same material. Electric blue highlights embellish the top of the seat backs and the dashboard strip, perfectly matching the exterior. The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 8-inch central touchscreen reinforce the concept car’s exclusive appearance and promotes key driving features in Hybrid mode, combining the best of the combustion and electric engines.


Citroën aims to offer vehicles suited to everyone’s needs, while contributing to the transition towards alternative energies by expanding the ‘Low Emission Vehicle’ range to the core market.

The future PHEV version of New C5 Aircross SUV – which will go on sale from early 2020 – will be the first PHEV model within the core model strategy. Following New C5 Aircross SUV, all new models launched by the brand will have an electrified version, indicating the brand’s commitment to a responsible energy transition.

The concept is for customers looking for a ‘two-in-one’ vehicle, giving them the benefits of ZEV mode in built-up areas and a combustion engine for longer journeys. The rechargeable Hybrid solution is popular with both individuals and companies, often sharing the same need for low running costs – two customer profiles with an interest in the alternative energies and in need of efficient, clean and powerful engines.


Citroën and comfort have a long history together, going back almost 100 years. The design of New C5 Aircross SUV was defined by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. The purpose? To enhance all aspects of comfort, at every stage. New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept goes even further by offering modern and technological electric mobility to promote comfort and ease of use. It allows all-electric driving, entirely insulated from the road and the outside world, cocooned in complete tranquillity – with all road imperfections filtered out. The silent motor, the driving pleasure, the smoothness of the suspension, the softness of the Advanced Comfort seats, the ergonomics and ease of use of the interfaces and dedicated services, all contribute to the on-board comfort of the occupants.


New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept represents a solution for all needs. This use of hybrid technology offers the pleasure of starting up and travelling in silence without releasing a single gram of CO2. There is also the option of driving up to 50km in ZEV mode at speeds of up to 135km/h (NEDC protocol) meaning that the combustion engine is not needed for most daily journeys. ZEV mode also allows access to cities’ low emission zones. Customers do not have to worry about re-charging thanks to the efficient and powerful combustion engine, which will take over when necessary.


In ZEV mode, acoustic comfort is enhanced, with no vibrations to disturb the tranquillity inside New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept. The cocoon effect is heightened and passengers feel at ease in an insulated bubble, protected from external disturbance.

In terms of modularity and boot space, New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept maintains all the benefits of the combustion engine versions. There are individual, sliding, reclining and folding rear seats, and best-in-class boot space – thanks to the ingenious positioning of the battery beneath the passenger compartment.


New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept benefits from an engine that is environmentally friendly and economical to use. The powertrain combines a 180 PureTech S&S petrol engine and an 80kW electric motor that is located between the combustion engine and the gearbox. The electric motor’s battery is ‘High Voltage’ 200V Lithium-Ion, supplying 13.2kW/h.

In Hybrid mode, the engine and motor combine to provide 225hp, which is transmitted to the front wheels. The torque is available from the lowest engine speeds, delivering low consumption and heightened driving pleasure. The fuel consumption is 2l/100 km, with less than 50g CO2/km. This represents a saving of 40% compared to a purely combustion-powered model. The combustion engine is fitted with a starter-alternator to ensure that the combustion engine starts quietly and instantly.

An electric-assistance braking system (‘i-booster’) recovers the energy available during braking and deceleration, therefore providing up to 10% autonomy. This occurs thanks to a transfer of mechanical energy into electric energy stored in the battery. The system enables the battery to be re-charged and increases the availability of electric driving.

The fast and efficient e-EAT8 automatic gearbox is upgraded, with optimised shifting between gears, further enhancing smoothness and driving pleasure, with on-demand torque of 337Nm from the electric motor and the addition of a regenerative braking mode allowing deceleration without pressing the brake pedal.



Switching between the electric motor and the combustion engine is automatic, depending on the level of battery charge and the driver’s actions. However, the driver can very easily select the driving modes – ZEV, Hybrid or Sport – at any time using the mode selector on the central console.


With a standard socket, the battery re-charges overnight taking between four and eight hours, depending on the type of charger used. Battery charging is faster with a 32A wall box, which is available to purchase or hire, and takes 2 hours. Charging can be programmed or scheduled, to take advantage of off-peak rates. This programming is accessible via the touchscreen in the passenger compartment, or via the MyCitroën app.

The charging cables are stored in a dedicated space under the floor of the boot. The charging port is positioned on the left of the vehicle, in the same position as the petrol flap, which is on the right. Charging is very easy, thanks to the user-friendly ergonomics of the port and charging cables. To charge the battery, the charging port on the left of the vehicle has a colour code providing a visual indication of charging progress. There is a white diode for the ‘Welcome’ setting, a green flashing diode to show that charging is in progress, a fixed green diode to indicate that charging has finished and a blue diode to signify a scheduled charge.


With this new drivetrain, it is vital to assist the driver by providing clear interfaces that are easy to understand, read and use. The objective was simple: to strengthen the link between the driver and the vehicle, to enhance the modernity of the drivetrain and the vehicle.

A special display in the digital instrument cluster allows the driver to select the ‘Hybrid’ display on the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster at any time to view Hybrid technical data, including a power meter, electrical power and fuel gauges, range in electric and fuel mode, and an energy flow diagram. When the vehicle is charging, the panel shows a special display indicating remaining charging time to achieve a complete re-charge (hrs / mins), the electric range restored (in km or miles), the battery charge level restored (as a %) and the battery charging speed (in km/h or miles per hour).

New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept has specific pages in the touchscreen to manage the Hybrid technology data, including an energy flow diagram, consumption statistics, Eco-Coaching and battery re-charge settings. A direct access button underneath the tablet provides instant access to this specific information – particularly to programme the charge.

The 3D Citroën Connect Nav navigation system on the touchscreen has been enhanced to include specific characteristics linked to the Hybrid technology: electric charging zone POIs (in addition to service stations) and a representation of the area covered according to the battery charge level – in order to manage the vehicle’s range in all-electric mode.

The MyCitroën app perfectly embodies the continuity between the driver and the vehicle. It contains useful data and provides a wide range of services on a daily basis, even remotely. For instance, it allows you to programme a re-charge, start or stop the charge at any time and view the battery’s charge level. As well as managing and programming the re-charge, the app allows remote programming and management of thermal comfort features, like the heating and air-conditioning, and displays Eco-Coaching information and consumption statistics.


All models in the Citroën range are now certified under the WLTP protocol, ensuring customers have a complete range of clean and powerful engine options tailored to meet their needs.

The brand has therefore confirmed its commitment to its customers and tailored its offering to their automotive needs. The Citroën brand had previously anticipated the new WLTP protocol, through the T&E initiative launched in 2016. To ensure greater transparency and improve information available to its customers, the Citroën website has published its models’ consumption since 2016 – and their NOx emissions since March 2018 – in real-world conditions, based on a protocol developed with NGOs (T&E and FNE) and certified by an independent third party (Bureau Veritas).

By having all of its models approved, Citroën is giving customers a wide range of engine options, in line with their needs. New-generation PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines give Citroën a head start in light of the forthcoming tightening of the standard in 2020, as they benefit from the most efficient low emission technologies. Citroën models are equipped with the latest innovations from Groupe PSA, such as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) on BlueHDi diesel engines and an innovative particulate filter on direct injection petrol engines.


The iconic brand will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. Citroën has been bold and customer focused since 1919, and remains so today. With its heritage and numerous historically important models, Citroën has a place in every visitor’s heart.

A 5HP Type C from 1925 will be on display at the “Café Bulle”. This historic Cabriolet has a two-seater bench, side windows and a full hood. This first mass-produced French car was nicknamed ‘the little Lemon’ (Citron) echoing the Citroën name and its yellow launch colour. This particular 5HP Type C was purchased in Belgium in 2009 by an enthusiastic member of the Vincennes en Anciennes Club, François Thely, who wanted to find the same car bought by his father André Thely in 1957 as an 18-year-old student who had just gained his licence. Every year the car takes part in major events, such as the tribute to André Citroën in 2009 for the brand’s 90th anniversary (one of only 90 cars selected) and the ‘Traversée de Paris’ (Paris crossing), which is held each year in January and mid-summer.
A connection has been made between the Berlingo’s story and the 70th anniversary of the 2CV via a 1967 2CV AK 350 Glaçauto, which is proudly affixed to the wall of the stand with its engine removed. Specially renovated for this event, the orange hue of the legendary van – again owned by a fan of the 2CV, Damien Boiteux – is reminiscent of the coloured touches available in the XTR Pack on New Berlingo. The car also has the centenary logo on its roof “Citroën Origins since 1919”
Meanwhile, a New Berlingo Van has been transformed to accommodate the ‘Petit Citroën’ shop. Painted in the same colours as the boutique, in red and white, the New Berlingo Van was entirely fitted out inside by Euromag – a company specialising in truck shops. It will display merchandise such as the new ‘Oui are French’ product line, contemporary miniatures and the ‘Citroën Origins’ collection of wooden miniatures of five iconic models: 2CV, Mehari, Type H, Traction and Rosalie.


Citroën has always been willing to partner with other visionaries in order to innovate and demonstrate creativity. The Citroën stand presents other French brands that share the same values of creativity and expertise:

The E-Mehari Art Car from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
The Limited Edition C3 JCC+ (to be unveiled on 18 September 2018)
The ELLE Special Edition C1 and C3, with C3 ELLE being exhibited on the stand
The Rip Curl Special Editions of New C3 Aircross, C4 SpaceTourer and SpaceTourer, with New C3 Aircross Rip Curl and SpaceTourer Rip Curl being exhibited on the stand
The C1 Urban Ride


Since motor sport is a strong part of Citroën’s DNA, fans of the World Rally Championship will be given a double opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of racing, through:

The C3 WRC with 380hp. The goal of this vehicle on the track is to raise Citroën to the highest level in the World Rally Championship. Since its creation in 1919, Citroën has always been renowned for its ability to take on adventure and sporting challenges.
A driving simulator will be available on the stand. A visual and sensory experience that fans are sure to enjoy, once they have settled into the bucket seat. Excitement is guaranteed, with vibrations beneath the seat and through the steering wheel, while tackling events from the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship calendar just like a real driver.


The growth of the Citroën brand has also been driven by the modernisation of the dealer network, which is evolving to adapt to new consumer habits and to meet its customers’ needs, as demonstrated by the new “La Maison Citroën” showrooms.

In parallel, Citroën continues to roll out customer-focused services such as Citroën Advisor – an online review site for Citroën showrooms and products. Additionally, there is Citroën Rent&Smile – which enables you to rent a Citroën vehicle at your dealership – and Earn&Drive – which allows customers to earn money by offering their own vehicle on loan. These state-of-the-art services are all helping to remove mobility barriers and make life easier for motorists.


At the Paris Motor Show 2018, Citroën has designed a brand new 1,600m2 stand called “La Maison Citroën”. More than just a conventional motor show stand, this friendly and welcoming living space is the architectural expression of Citroën style and the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. It has been designed to immerse visitors in the world of Citroën, and to offer them a new experience of complete comfort.

The Citroën stand is immediately arresting, with three original wooden structures symbolising the outline of a house, while suspended chevrons hang over the ‘Welcome Table’ defining the central aisle. A podium – and a world premiere – invites visitors to discover New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept, while the large wooden table (over 12m long), allows visitors to catch up with the brand’s news on iPads via original video content or just to sit and enjoy internet access while using the built-in jacks to charge their mobile phones.

Additionally, the Citroën stand incorporates a 100-seat tiered Arena offering cosy multi-coloured armchairs in which to relax. An ideal way of gaining an overview of the whole range displayed in three very distinct areas: ‘SUV’, with the world premiere of New C5 Aircross SUV, ‘Hatchback’ with New C4 Cactus, and ‘Family’ with New Berlingo. Visitors can also attend daily shows – “The World of Citroën”, an exclusive live performance “Inspired By You” – on the public days (11.30am, 2.00pm, 5.30pm, 8.30pm) or participate in the “Oui Are French” Festival on 5 October, featuring young French bands sponsored by Citroën.

New to the mezzanine floor is “Café Bulle”, with a vibrant yellow and orange colour scheme. This VIP space, where visitors can quench their thirst or grab a bite to eat in an atmosphere evoking Café André, has been re-interpreted and ‘shaken up’ by Citroën’s partner, Orangina. Adding an element of quirkiness, just a few months ahead of the centenary, the upper floor proudly displays the historic 5HP Type C model from 1925.

For visitors who are fans of fashion and art, the Limited Edition C3 JCC+Fashion Car and E-Mehari Art Car designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, will be on display.

The Citroën Lifestyle products boutique, “Le Petit Citroën”, is for children and adults alike. It has been given a glass roof and extends beyond its walls for the first time, thanks to a New Berlingo Van, which has been specially converted for the occasion.

An innovation to be discovered next to the “Le Petit Citroën” boutique is SEETROËN, the first glasses designed to eliminate motion sickness. This chronic disorder, also known as Kinetosis, affects over 30 million Europeans. To tackle this, Citroën has developed these glasses with a high-tech look in white soft-touch plastic. They use Boarding RingTM technology and work using a simple principle – they recreate the horizon line using a coloured liquid to resolve the conflict between an individuals’ sight and detection of motion that causes the issue. The patented and tested solution, which can be used by adults and children from 10-years of age, has an effectiveness rating of 95%.


As part of the comprehensive transformation of the brand, Citroën is renewing its entire customer experience, starting with its showrooms. “La Maison Citroën”, is a new urban showroom concept trialled in Paris in 2017. It is now being rolled out globally, starting with seven new sites: two in France (Paris 16th and Paris 14th), two in China (Wuhan Hongtai and Anhui Weifeng), one in Japan (Tokyo), one in Colombia and one in Belgium (Brussels). In total, 25 new locations are planned by the end of the year. Each site has the same ambition: to move back into city centres and re-write the rules of traditional automobile distribution. Although the small surface area restricts the number of vehicles on display in these showrooms, the experience offered to visitors is enhanced. The showrooms are designed to be friendly and make visitors ‘feel at home’ whilst enjoying a digital experience featuring highlights from the world of Citroën (3D configurator, Citroën Origins, etc.) via various interactive screens.


The MyCitroën app creates a personal space that provides information including the nearest showroom, tracks a vehicle’s fuel consumption, provides maintenance tips, and saves a vehicle’s parking location. It is even possible to make an appointment at a Citroën workshop and request a service quote. The Scan MyCitroën mobile app offers an enhanced on-board manual to make life easier. Available on the C1, C3, New C3 Aircross, New C4 Cactus and C4 SpaceTourer, the app offers several intuitive and interactive features including a scan function, visual search function and indicator light directory.

Available in 35 countries, Citroën Advisor ( is the brand’s interactive online review website. This NF Service-certified site for managing online customer reviews is a first for a car manufacturer.

Since 2014, it has enabled customers to review the quality of showrooms, following the purchase of a vehicle or after visiting the workshop. During 2016, the site was expanded to give Citroën owners the possibility of rating and reviewing their new vehicle, and sharing their experiences. Citroën Advisor already has more than 200,000 reviews posted by its customers, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars for showrooms and 4.7 out of 5 stars for vehicles.


Citroën Connect Nav is already available on C3, New C3 Aircross, C4 SpaceTourer, Grand C4 SpaceTourer and SpaceTourer, and is a new generation of 3D-connected navigation system, coupled with a 7-inch touchscreen. It boasts voice recognition to control the navigation, telephone and media functions, without the driver having to take their eyes off the road. Connected services are included, such as the real-time traffic information, service station and car park charges, weather, hazard areas (optional), and free mapping updates for life, four times a year, and the Citroën Connect Nav Pack services for three years.

The system also incorporates the Mirror Screen function, which allows you to use your smartphone apps on the car’s 7-inch touchscreen, covering a wide range of compatible smartphones, with Apple CarPlay™, MirrorLink® and Android Auto technologies.

Citroën Connect Box with SOS & Assistance Pack is an emergency location and recovery service. In the event of an accident or any other emergency, this function calls out the appropriate assistance service – either automatically or when the user presses the SOS button inside the car. Available 24/7, the service is free and no subscription is required. For even greater peace-of-mind, users can also contact the assistance desk by pressing and holding the ‘Double Chevron’ button. The SOS & Assistance Pack works using the Citroën Connect Box, which has its own SIM card and GPS receiver.

Citroën Connect Packs are an array of services designed to enhance the Citroën Connect Box with SOS & Assistance Pack, to bring even more peace-of-mind and ease of use to customers’ everyday lives. It consists of the Monitoring Pack (virtual maintenance manual and customised eco-driving tips), the Mapping Pack (GPS vehicle parking, information on vehicle usage in pre-set areas and periods, and depending on the country, beyond the speed limit) and the Tracking Pack (GPS tracking of the vehicle in case of theft).


At a time when customers commonly share their experiences with one another, Citroën took an important step forward a year ago by inviting its prospective customers to test drive their future Citroën model with an existing customer. The service, called ‘Citroën Co-Experience’ offers a ‘real life’ exchange experience without a commercial intermediary. Promoting proximity and community involvement, this new customer service initiative reinvents the traditional vehicle purchasing process. This original approach is entirely in keeping with Citroën’s “Inspired By You” signature.

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