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2008 Citroen Concept GT

2008 Citroen Concept GT

We finally get to see the whole car! Designed for the Gran Turismo 5, the GT by Citroen Concept made its official debut ahead of the Paris Auto Show. As Citroen calls it a "style replica of a vehicle from the digital world", that translates into likely a non-running styling concept. The car seems to be built to look good while playing Gran Turismo. The rear end is oversized, made exaggeratedly long in order to create an effect of retinal persistence. The idea is to make the concept car even faster visually. The white-to-grey gradation on the body side further underlines this impression of continuous movement.

Further proof that this is more of a dream car than a real car is that the GT is powered in the game by an electric motor powered by fuel cells that release no emissions. But dreaming is fun. No word yet on what, if anything, is powering the actual concept car.

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