Here’s a rundown of all the available Ford Bronco trims

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Ford just unveiled the 2021 Bronco,, which marks the return of the iconic nameplate after a 25-year hiatus. The SUV won’t arrive in showrooms until 2021, but you can already place reservations, and Ford has already released details about each and every trim. The 2021 Bronco is available in seven trim levels, most of them named for off-road enthusiasts. The lineup includes Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, Badlands, and First Edition. The latter is a limited-series launch edition model that won’t be offered beyond 2021. Each trim level features a unique emblem, and it’s equipped for a different purpose. Want to know which Bronco suits you best? Find out below where we look at all seven versions.

2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport Reservation and Buyer's Guide
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2021 Ford Bronco Base

While all the other trims get fancy names and badges, the entry-level model is simply called Base. The badge used for this trim is the plain reared-up stallion that you can also find on the SUV’s steering wheel.

Ford says that the Base trim was designed for customers who want a no-frills 4WD SUV or for those "looking to customize their very own vehicle for rugged off-road adventure."

And yes, this is the right version if you want to equip a Bronco with aftermarket suspension, lift-kit, and massive wheels.

The Base trim is basic, but still well-equipped for an SUV that starts from just under $30,000. Standard features include removable doors and roof, 16-inch wheels painted in silver with 30-inch all-season tires, and a 4x4 system with part-time selectable engagement. It’s also fitted with an eight-inch infotainment display with the latest SYNC 4 system, carpeted flooring, and cloth seats.

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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The standard engine is the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder. This mill is rated at 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque and mates to a seven-speed manual transmission with a crawler gear. The drivetrain is fitted with Terrain Management System and five GOAT modes. That’s short for Go Over Any Terrain, and the five modes are Normal, Eco, Sport, Slippery, and Sand.

You can also opt for the larger, 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. This one’s notably more powerful at 325 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, but it requires the 10-speed automatic transmission. You can also get the automatic with the 2.3-liter four-cylinder. The options list will also let you upgrade to the advanced 4x4 system with automatic on-demand engagement.

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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Finally, if you don’t plan on upgrading the SUV for off-road duty with aftermarket parts, you can go for the Sasquatch Package. This bundle adds the following:

  • 1.2-inch Suspension Lift-Kit
  • Higher-Mounted Fender Flares
  • 17-inch Beadlock-Compatible Wheels
  • 35-inch Mud-Terrain Tires
  • Front and Rear Locking Axles
  • An Electromechanical Transfer Case
  • Heavy-Duty Position-Sensitive Bilstein Shocks
  • Shorter Final Drive Ratio

The Bronco Base comes in at $29,995 in two-door layout and starts from $34,695 as a four-door model.

2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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The Big Bend comes with its own badge showing a mountain, which indicates that it’s equipped for off-road trails.

Ford states that this trim is actually for customers "looking for off-road capability with greater comfort, technology, and convenience."

The Big Bend includes all features that are standard with Base, plus a few extras. It rides on bigger, 17-inch wheels wrapped in 32-inch tires and features a Carbonized Gray grille that matches the color of the wheels. It also had LED fog lamps, privacy glass, and leather steering wheel and gear shift knob. The Terrain Management System includes six modes for this model, one more than Base.

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You? Exterior
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The engine choice remains the same, with the four-cylinder standard and the V-6 optional. The Advanced 4x4 system and the Sasquatch Package are optional on this trim as well, but you can also opt for heated front seats and remote start, as well as the Mid Package. The latter includes the following:

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote start
  • A 110-volt outlet
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Heated front seats
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Enhanced infotainment
  • Co-Pilot 360 driver assistance

Pricing for the two-door Big Bend starts at $34,880, while the four-door Big Bend retails from $37,375.

2021 Ford Bronco Black Diamond

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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The Black Diamond model also features a mountain on its badge, but this time it’s a sharp peak, suggesting extra off-road capability.

This trim adds heavy-duty off-road hardware and a marine-grade washout interior.

As usual, standard features include everything from the Big Bend plus a few extras. There’s a heavy-duty front bumper, a powder-coated steel rear bumper, and rock rails with heavy-duty bash plates for extra protection. The wheels remain at 17-inches, also wrapped in 32-inch rubber, but they painted black instead of gray. There are also auxiliary switches in an overhead console and marine-grade, vinyl trimmed seats, and rubberized washout flooring for quick cleaning. The Terrain Management System has seven GOAT modes: Normal, Eco, Sport, Slippery, Sand, Baja, and Mud/Ruts.

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Options include the same 2.7-liter V-6, 10-speed automatic with Trail Control, and Advanced 4x4 system like on the Big Bend. The Sasquatch and Mid packages are also available.

The Bronco Black Diamond starts from $37,545 in two-door trim and from $40,040 in four-door trim.

2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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Next up is Outer Banks.

The Bronco Outbanks is the trim that Ford says it's for customers "who prefer style and technology on-road and off."

This model is also based on the Big Bend, but it’s not as heavy-duty as the Black Diamond. The Terrain Management System has only six modes, and the heavy-duty stuff is missing. Instead, it rides on black 18-inch wheels wrapped in 32-inch all-terrain tires and features body-colored door handles, mirror caps, and fender flares for extra style. It also comes with powder-coated tube steps, heated front seats, and the Mid Package as standard.

The options list includes more of the same: 2.7-liter V-6 engine, 10-speed automatic, Advanced 4x4 system, and leather-trimmed seats. However, you can also opt for the High or Lux packages for this trim.

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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High Package includes:

  • 12-inch infotainment touchscreen
  • 360-degree camera
  • extra sound deadening
  • forward parking sensors
  • side view mirror approach lighting

Lux Package includes:

  • High Package features
  • 10-speaker B&O audio system
  • heated steering wheel
  • wireless charging pad
  • universal garage door opener
  • two extra USB ports
  • adaptive cruise control with evasive steering assist and navigation

The two-door Outer Banks starts from $40,450, while the four-door version comes in at $42,945.

2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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Things become a lot more serious with the Wildtrak model, which basically takes the Outer Banks trim into off-road territory.

In addition to the Outer Banks features that add a bit of class to the Bronco, the Wildtrak comes with serious off-road gear as standard, including Sasquatch Package, the Advanced 4x4 system, and seven GOAT modes, including Baja. It also features a modular hard-top finished in Shadow Black, special hood graphics, carpeted floors, and heated bucket front seats. More importantly, the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine and the 10-speed automatic gearbox are standard on this trim. The options list is limited to leather-trimmed seats, the High Package, and the Lux Package. Ford says the Wildtrak is "the all-out desert runner."

Things also become a lot more expensive with the Wildtrak, the first trim to go into $50K territory. While the two-door model retails from $50,370, the four-door version starts from $52,865.

2021 Ford Bronco Badlands

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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The Badlands trim is the range-topping model and the Bronco that's supposed to go against the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Ford says it was designed as the ultimate off-roader, and it comes with a unique suspension setup. This trim is based on the Big Bend, so it gets everything from there and adds 17-inch grey wheels wrapped in 33-inch tires and a front stabilizer bar disconnect that you can’t get on another model. The GOAT modes system now includes setups from Rock Crawl. The standard package also includes the heavy-duty front bumper and powder-coated rear bumper, auxiliary switches in the overhead console, the marine-grade, vinyl-trimmed seats, and the rubberized washout flooring.

Unlike the Wildtrak, the Badlands doesn’t include the Sasquatch package as standard. The Mid, High, and Lux packages are also optional, as are the leather-trimmed seats.

To take this model home, you need to pay $43,590 for the two-door version and $46,085 for the four-door variant.

2021 Ford Bronco First Edition

Comparing the 2021 Ford Bronco Family - Which is the Right Model For You?
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The First Edition is a limited-edition version that will be built in just 3,500 units for the 2021 model year only. It's the most expensive version of them all, and word has it all 3,500 examples are already sold out.

The First Edition is a heavily loaded Bronco that combines the heavy-duty mechanicals of the Badlands with the comfortable interior of the Outer Bank, and the rugged exterior of the Wildtrak.

It’s based on the Badlands trim, but it’s fitted with every fancy feature you can add, including the Lux and Sasquatch packages, carpeted flooring, leather-trimmed seats, and 10-way power driver’s seat. It also features unique First Edition hood and bodyside graphics, the modular hard-top, and a safari bar. Ford also lists a "unique interior," which probably means a few badges to commemorate the Bronco’s introduction. If you’re not crazy about the First Edition badges, you can build something similar using the Badlands trim as a base.

The First Edition is by far the most expensive Bronco, coming in at $60,800 with two doors and at $64,995 with four doors.

2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport Reservation and Buyer's Guide
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2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport Reservation and Buyer's Guide
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2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport Reservation and Buyer's Guide
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