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When it was unveiled back in 2014, the W205-generation C-Class redefined the premium compact market with its sporty exterior design and exquisite interior layout. Based on the larger S-Class, which was still new back then, the C-Class made the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4 look old and dated. The fact that the two were three and seven years old in 2014 also helped the C-Class become the king of the luxury compact market instantly. But things have changed since them. Audi launched a new A4 in 2015, while BMW updated the 3 Series for the 2016 model year and it’s getting ready to launch a new-generation model in 2018. The C-Class is no longer that far ahead, so Mercedes gave its four-door a makeover.

On top of the usual exterior design changes, the C-Class was updated with new features and technology inside the cabin. Highlights include a new digital display for all models and a standard seven-inch screen for the lower-spec versions. Mercedes also added touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheels, and new driver assist features that make the car semi-autonomous, just like in the bigger E-Class and S-Class models. Of course, exterior changes are an important part of a facelift, so let’s see what makes the upgraded model stand out in the comparison below.

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The front bumper is described as new, but in reality, it gained minor touches here in there

It takes a closer look to spot all the little changes, but it’s very common for mid-cycle facelifts to bring mild revisions. Even when we’re talking about Mercedes-Benz. Much like every update of this kind, the changes mostly affect the front and rear fascias. Up front, the C-Class gained new headlamps. They’re basically the same as far as shape and size go, but they were redesigned under the plastic covers. The hockey stick LED daytime running lights are thicker and have been moved closer to the inner edge. The main grille appears to be the same, but now sports the fancy diamond grille on almost every trim.

The front bumper is described as new, but in reality, it gained minor touches here in there. The center vent is a bit wider, while the side intakes are taller, giving the front end a more aggressive look. The car in the photos also sports a couple of horizontal strakes in each of the side vents, but that feature isn’t available on all models. It’s a good improvement overall.


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There are two new exterior colors: green and silver. Yey!

This is where you could look at either of the two cars, because it’s exactly what you get not matter if you buy the new 2018 C-Class or a used, pre-facelift model. Nothing has changed aside from the side panels of the front bumper and the fact that the revised sedan comes with new wheel designs. The five-spoke model seen here is definitely cool to look at — I like how the spokes seem to float around the center hub — but again, this is the norm today. Oh, and there are two new exterior colors: green and silver. Yey!

Facelifts rarely change a car’s profile, so we will keep seeing this side view until the next-generation model arrives.


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The new, inverted C-shaped LED lights give the sedan a modern look

If you like noticeable facelifts, you’d better head back to the "Front" section and enjoy those photos a bit more, because the rear end doesn’t have much to offer. If you’re still here, check out the taillights for new features. Fortunately, Mercedes did a good job here. The previous two-unit LED layout was far from inspiring, while the new, inverted C-shaped LED lights give the sedan a modern look. The shape and size of the taillights are the same, but I like these S-Class-inspired units, and I’m glad that Merc kept them. The diffuser-like element is now finished in black, and there’s chrome trim running below the bumper and the big exhaust pipes, but that’s about. Still, it’s a solid upgrade that will keep the model fresh for a couple more years.


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