There’s definitely not a shortage of options when it comes to cars and YouTube

With the coronavirus rapidly spreading around, it’s time to remember that health is more important than anything and that it doesn’t hurt to stay inside to limit the spread. Some of us still get the luxury of going out (although WHO recommendations are saying otherwise), while some countries are in a state-imposed quarantine.

Long story short, we’ve come up with a list of car-centric YouTube channels you can browse and watch if you’re forced to stay inside over the next days or weeks. Obviously, don’t be shy and let us know if you know other watch-worthy content on YouTube using the comments section below.


Mr JWW is one of those YouTube channels that grew immensely over the past few years. Hosted by James William Walker (hence the JWW abbreviation), the channel is dripping with drool-worthy supercar, hypercar, and luxury car content wrapped up as reviews or interviews with some of the industry’s most prominent figures right now.

Engineering Explained

We all like to admire a sleek body or hear an eardrum-smashing V-8 coupled with a mean exhaust. But a lot about cars resides in numbers and in all fairness, not everyone is an expert in math and physics. This is where Jason Fenske’s Engineering Explained comes into play. You’ll get some of the internet’s most pertinent and scientifically-backed hypothesis, explanations, and data-related presentations. Plus, Jason manages to actually speak to everyone’s understanding, geek or no geek.


‘I’m Jakub, I’m Yuri, and we’re going for a drive!’

Whenever you hear this intro, you know you’re in for a treat. Jakub and Yuri are the masterminds behind YouTube channel TheStraightPipes, one of our favorite sources of automotive goodness. These guys will review together literally every car they can find, from Lamborghinis to Toyotas and Teslas. Not to mention their videos are just as informative as they are fun to watch. Check them out.

Harry’s Garage

Harry Metcalfe is the founder and former editorial director of Evo Magazine. Yes, that Evo Magazine. He now runs his own YouTube channel, simply called Harry’s Garage, and all we can’t say is that we’ve never listened to a car guy that can better describe everything there is to know about a car. Plus, the channel features a great deal of supercars sports car of old and new, so you’ll be getting a double dose of car candy. You’re welcome.


If you haven’t got any time for the classy stuff, then why not have some fun with the crazy stuff? The guys over at WhistlinDiesel might be just what you need, because they don’t hold back from uploading some of the wackiest ideas we’ve seen – put into practice, of course. So from a Ford F-350 pickup truck riding on full-reaper wheels to one that had its interior washed at 3,700 psi, we can absolutely guarantee that you’ll never know what boredom is. Ever.

Donut Media

You probably know these guys already, but what the heck, they’re too good do leave out. There’s a lot of car content churned out by the Donut Media but fret not, it’s also nicely split into categories of sort. You’ve got your car history videos under Up to Speed, real life struggles under HiLow, legendary carmaker rivalries under Past Gas, and every question you never thought of answered in WheelHouse. Whether you’re a JDM diehard or you love your muscle cars, German cars, or pickup trucks, there’s a high chance Donut Media has it.


Well, we had to include Petrolicious here. Their high-quality, story-driven videos are not just about the cars, but also about the owners. Surely, Petrolicious needs no introduction for most of us, but if you ever get in the mood to learn more about classic cars that influenced the entire automotive industry – as well as their current owners – this should be your go-to source. They’ll even throw in a motorcycle-focused video every now and then, so everybody’s basically covered.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Another outlet that needs no introduction. Jay Leno is an avid collector and a genuine car guy, not to mention he know his way around people. Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube show is pretty much about everything the moves – two, three, or four-wheeled, all-electric, hybrid, or powered by a big V-8. It doesn’t matter. If it moves, then it’s probably on Jay Leno’s Garage, together with the relevant people that brought it to us in the first place.

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