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Video: A DIY way of fixing a problem at the production line

Video: A DIY way of fixing a problem at the production line

The next time you find yourself wondering why your car doors can’t seem to close properly, you might want to watch this video of how tedious a job it is for auto factory workers, specifically those in quality control, to ensure that the products they release out to customers are in tip-top shape and working in perfect order.

Needless to say, each and every measure is undertaken to ensure that fixing a potential problem remains priority number one for these factory workers and in this video taken from Dacia’s production plant in Romania, a factory worker does exactly that to correct what looks to be the car’s passenger-side doors’ refusal to close properly.

Undaunted by the problem he’s facing, the worker does everything, from slamming the doors, tapping the panels with a hammer, and even pulling the entire door down to make sure that the doors work properly. We don’t know what came out of all his efforts because the video ended prematurely, but it does show in clear-as-day video footage that no stones are left unturned in building a car.

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