Daihatsu unveiled at Paris Motor Show the new D-Compact X-Over. Based on the concept of "harmony with nature," the D-Compact X-over was created jointly by Daihatsu and Italy’s Italdesign led by Giorgetto Giugiaro. This new concept crossover vehicle from Daihatsu features a glass roof that extends from the edge of the windshield to over the rear seats, a front end that is pleasant and friendly in appearance, and a sleek, flowing side silhouette.

Drivers primarily associate compact cars with utility, meaning cost effectiveness and driving ease particularly on busy streets — and environmental friendliness, meaning low fuel consumption that conserves natural resources. By fulfilling these requirements, compact cars have become popular as essential means of transportation for everyday activities such as commuting and shopping.

But how would you feel if a compact car also gave you the pleasure of weekend driving — as if the views seen through the windshield every day had been completely transformed?

2006 Daihatsu D-Compact X-Over
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If that sounds attractive to you, Daihatsu would like to recommend its new D-Compact X-Over, a dramatically innovative compact car that features practical design and sports-car performance, plus highquality styling. To create this new model, Daihatsu collaborated with ItalDesign, an Italian design company led by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Generated through fusion of the creativities of two companies, the D-Compact X-Over is a concept car positively crammed with original features.


While the D-Compact X-Over is one of the world’s most compact crossover models, its smooth, elegant silhouette and powerful styling make it highly unusual among compact vehicles. The D-Compact X-Over’s most distinctive feature is its glass roof, sweeping from the top of the windshield to above the rear seats in a smooth and flowing roofline. Providing unequalled access to the world of sunlight, this transparent roof enables you to feel at one with the refined nature of our immediate environment.

A key feature of the D-Compact X-Over’s side design is its blistertype fender. Combined with 17-inch tyres, it expresses the friskiness, dynamism and sportiness of this model.As for rear design, this vehicle’s combination lamp is an attentiongrabber. Positioned behind the backdoor glass, it adds sharpness and elegance.

2006 Daihatsu D-Compact X-Over
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Elegant design also features in the passenger compartment’s combination of brown suede and orange patent leather. Plated bezels of specially designed meters and air-conditioning duct unit accentuate the D-Compact X-Over’s characteristic high quality and sportiness. Convenience of use is considered too, as evidenced in the exclusively designed utility pockets provided in the front seatbacks.

The D-Compact X-Over is packed with additional accessories that both driver and passengers will find particularly useful on long nonroutine trips. The spacious passenger compartment and extensive luggage space realized in this compact body are a major achievement of Daihatsu’s highly efficient packaging technology.


Whether used for everyday shopping or commuting, or simply for thesheer pleasure of driving, the D-Compact X-Over will certainly fulfill your every expectation. Its 1.5-litre specially tuned engine provides surplus driving power.

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  (484) posted on 08.25.2011

Compact cars are getting huge in numbers, and the very main reason is there are a lot of cars produced in every month, thus creating huge traffic. Traffic is annoying, and compact cars are very comfortable vehicles for you not to get annoyed! AHAHA!

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