Remember the fun little e:S Concept from the kei car maker Daihatsu that we showed you yesterday? Well the Japanese automaker has a few more sprightly little ideas for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, one of which is the compact convertible pickup truck, the Daihatsu Basket Concept. Now the name most likely came from the city car’s open bed and squared off roll bar design that makes the little kei car concept look like what Little Red Riding Hood was carrying to her grandmother’s house.

Daihatsu Basket Concept
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The Daihatsu Basket Concept is a 4 seater kei car with a wide rear deck based on their Mira model and is powered by a 660 cc engine. The roof is of the removable hardtop variety and covers the front seat passengers while a canvas unit provides a bit of shade to those riding in the back seat. Just like theh front buckets, the rear bench is wrapped in linen and can fold flat to significantly increase the Basket’s storage space. The open nature of the Daihatsu concept is also a benefit for individuals who plan on using their vehicles for work purposes because they won’t have to worry about whether their tools are dirty or not when they toss them in the bed.


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  (594) posted on 02.28.2012

Well, isn’t this like a a drawn car with the excessive use of ruler come to life? It best suits mothers or women who fancies shopping most of the time. It’s fresh and basic.

  (445) posted on 10.7.2011

It is a really weird type of car, the basket. It is likely more of a vacation type of car. The removable hardtop simply like the convertible for most sports car.

  (780) posted on 03.17.2010

Ugly looking vehicle, good thing that is not yet turned into mass production because for sure daihatsu will going to have a hard time selling it.

  (518) posted on 01.24.2010

ok I don’t meant to be cruel, but I just looked at all 3 daihatsu articles, and every one of these cars look the same. Do their design studios consist of only a ruler and a compass? Hateful piece of design, no imagination whatsoever and should be condemned to hell.

  (177) posted on 10.10.2009

I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys but the car looks stupid and ridiculous. Might as well get your eyes check. Or for that matter, why not check if your brains are still functioning.

  (182) posted on 10.10.2009

Very Japanese! I love those white and zen type interior. Very relaxing. Driving the Daihatsu Basket wouldn’t make me feel irritated even if I’m get stuck on jam-packed traffic.

  (180) posted on 10.10.2009

City cars are usually too small for anyone. I’d like to think that car manufacturers assume that just because its a city car, it doesn’t mean that the people driving it don’t need space. As a matter of fact, we do need space. And we need them a lot.

  (183) posted on 10.10.2009

Now this is what you call city car. Yes, people are tired of those compact city cars. We need something fresh, just like this. Something to look forward in the Tokyo Motor show.

  (182) posted on 10.10.2009

This is the cutest pick-up truck that I have ever seen. It’s going to be real click. But they have to make sure that they would also invest on the performance wise. I don’t mean that they should be as fast as supercars or as powerful as the real pick up trucks. But they should ran at least like an Toyota or Honda sedans.

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