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Daihatsu to introduce 3D holographic dashboard by 2012

Daihatsu to introduce 3D holographic dashboard by 2012

Daihatsu, a Toyota company owned by Toyota of Tokyo, and Provision Interactive Technologies, a subsidiary of Provision Holding teamed up in order to develop and implement a 3D holographic dashboard in Daihatsu’s latest concept car.

Named HLXX, the technology debut was at 40th Annual Tokyo Motor Show, where attendees were so impressed that Provision immediately patented the technology . HLXX technology uses traditional 2D flat screen dashboard together with a 3d holographic screen in order to facilitate immediately driver awarness and recognition. Daihatsu plans to introduce the HLXX technology as part of its OPCS system (Omni-directional Pre-Crash Safety Support System) into their production vehicles by the end on 2012.

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