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A Company You've Probably Forgotten About Will Bring 11 Concepts To 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon

A Company You’ve Probably Forgotten About Will Bring 11 Concepts To 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon

Kei car galore from Japan!

Daihatsu may no longer sell cars in the United States and Europe, therefore making it a rather obscure marque on these continents, but it remains the oldest surviving Japanese manufacturer. What’s more, the brand is quite active in Japan and other Asian markets, where it builds and offers very small vehicles known as kei cars. Daihatsu’s current lineup of production models is quite big and the Japanese automaker just revealed no fewer than 11 concepts that will make their debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show in January.

Based on existing nameplates such as the Boon, Thor, Move, Copen, and the Tanto, the concept cars are separated into four categories, each being aimed at a certain type of customer. There’s Sporza for the sporty driver, Grand Custom for those who want a more elegant look, and Beach Cruisin’ and Cross Field for enthusiasts spending their weekends at the beach or on the road, respectively.

There’s no word whether any of these concept will become production models, but I can definitely see Daihatsu introducing new trim levels based on them. We should find out more at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, but in the meantime let’s have a closer look at what we already know in the article below.

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