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Jay-Z wants an armored Dartz Prombron for Christmas

Jay-Z wants an armored Dartz Prombron for Christmas

Jay-Z is known to be a car addict, even though he’s trashed luxury cars in the past, but the latest vehicle on his wish list is more for protection than luxury or sport. The well-known rapper is in the market for an armored Dartz Prombron, not to protect him against the onslaught of fans that undoubtedly shower him with attention on a daily basis, but more than likely to protect his bootylicious wife, Beyonce, and their unborn child.

The Prombron is an armored SUV created by eccentric Latvian car maker Dartz that offers protection against AK-47s and rocket launchers. We sure hope Jay-Z isn’t letting his family get anywhere near this kind of danger, but it looks like the expectant dad is leaving no stone unturned in protecting his family. This vehicle offers multiple protection levels and, for aesthetics, a range of interior and exterior trims.

A standard Prombron comes with ten interior treatments, including a choice of snake, crocodile, whale, skat, chameleon, or elephant skins, and different "standard" carbon fiber or matte trims. The car is equipped with eight cameras and comes void of a door behind the driver.

Safety is obviously a big concern for the rapper, but we’d protect our families in the same fashion if we could, and we don’t have millions of adoring fans crowding us or our spouses.

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