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2013 Dartz Black Snake

2013 Dartz Black Snake

When you mention the name Dartz within the automotive circle, you’re not going to be greeted with the kind of response that you’d normally get for any other kind of automaker in the world.

See, Dartz has long been a different brand. They don’t build sedans. They don’t build sports cars. Heck, they don’t even build supercars. Where their specialty lies is building trucks. And not just any trucks, mind you. These guys from Russia build trucks that adhere by its tagline of “Bullet Proof Trend Setters.”

To say that Dartz is anything but conventional is to say that Paris Hilton has acting skills. There’s nothing ordinary about this company and their latest offering, a special China-only luxury track called the Black Snake, is no different.

Built to celebrate the incoming Year of the Snake, the Dartz Black Snake is the kind massive yet opulent vehicle that will immediately catch your eye. And to be honest, if your list of clients include Czar Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Admiral General Aladeen, then you immediately gain credibility as an automaker unlike any other.

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2012 Dartz Prombron Black Dragon

2012 Dartz Prombron Black Dragon

The market for armored cars isn’t as prevalent as some of its contemporaries so it’s no secret that of the few automakers that provide this kind of high-security service, one of our favorites is Dartz.

These guys have a long history of building some of the most unique armored cars you’ll ever come across, and their latest offering strikes those same very chords. Limited only to the Chinese market, the Prombron Black Dragon is as imposing and intimidating as its name sounds.

Similar to what Rolls-Royce did when it built the Year of the Dragon Phantom, the Prombron Black Dragon is being built as an homage to the Chinese calendar. As you can expect from Dartz, these guys know how to bling their vehicles like nobody’s business and the Prombron Black Dragon, with all the scattered diamonds, rubies, and gold motifs, is yet another sparkling example of Dartz’s affinity for fancy customizations.

In addition to all the bling, the Prombron Black Dragon also features a 3+1 door configuration, an additional 23" in length to provide more legroom, satellite television, mobile WiFi, a 42" LCD monitor, and electrochromic glass just in case you’re going to need some privacy.

According to Dartz, only 12 models of the Prombron Black Dragon are expected to be built with one model expected to fetch a ridiculous price tag of $7 million.

Hey, if you wanna roll around town in a diamond-studded, armored SUV, you better have that kind of moolah to pony up.

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