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2022 Datsun 240Z "The Lion's Rock Commission" By MZR Roadsports

2022 Datsun 240Z "The Lion’s Rock Commission" By MZR Roadsports

MZR Roadsports does for the Datsun 240Z what Singer does for the Porsche 911. Meet the perfect Datsun 240Z

It’s always nice when there is a company, specializing in restoring and reimagining a certain model. In this case, it’s the team from MZR Roadsports, and their choice of car is the Datsun 240Z – a Japanese icon with a global fan base. What the U.K.-based outfit is doing can best be described as a classic car with a modern twist. It’s safe to say, MZR Roadsports is for Datsun 240Z, what Singer is for Porsche 911, and this is the company’s take on what the perfect 240Z should be.

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