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2022 Datsun 240Z "The Lion's Rock Commission" By MZR Roadsports

2022 Datsun 240Z "The Lion’s Rock Commission" By MZR Roadsports

MZR Roadsports does for the Datsun 240Z what Singer does for the Porsche 911. Meet the perfect Datsun 240Z

It’s always nice when there is a company, specializing in restoring and reimagining a certain model. In this case, it’s the team from MZR Roadsports, and their choice of car is the Datsun 240Z – a Japanese icon with a global fan base. What the U.K.-based outfit is doing can best be described as a classic car with a modern twist. It’s safe to say, MZR Roadsports is for Datsun 240Z, what Singer is for Porsche 911, and this is the company’s take on what the perfect 240Z should be.

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2015 Datsun GO-cross Concept

2015 Datsun GO-cross Concept

Nissan made a prudent business decision with the relaunch of its Datsun brand last year. The thinking was that, while any company selling cars in North America, Europe, Japan or Korea would have to fight tooth and nail for every little share of the market, the company that learns not to treat emerging markets as an afterthought could dominate them with very little effort. So, Datsun was relaunched, this time to actively sell to markets in India, Russia, Indonesia and South Africa. Datsun isn’t completely unchallenged in these markets, but the fact that 420 new Datsun dealers have been added to the network since the brand’s relaunch, shows that there was a lot of room for growth.

So, Datsun is jumping on these markets before anybody else gets the idea, and also looking into expanding into more. A wider variety of products will help with this, so a new Datsun GO-Cross concept was just unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept is a crossover based on the existing GO+ hatchback. This is because, at the moment, the closest thing to an appropriate crossover that


Nissan has for these markets is the Dacia Duster, and that just isn’t quite right.

Continue reading to learn more about the Datsun GO-cross Concept.

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2014 Datsun redi-GO Concept

2014 Datsun redi-GO Concept

Nissan’s plan to relaunch its Datsun sub-brand is moving along nicely with the introduction of the redo-Go Concept, a crossover-riding hatchback that could make its way into the emerging Indian market sooner than later.

Although Datsun has no immediate plans of turning the redi-Go Concept into a full-fledged production car, the mere development of the ride does point to a positive trend moving forward for the recently re-launched Nissan sub-brand.

We remember what Datsun was when it was around years ago, and while it’s got a long way to go to recapture its old magic, this new concept vehicle is a good way to start off its reemergence. If anything, the redi-Go looks like a crossover hatch that’s ready for production right now.

That is if Datsun is prepared to take that leap after just getting back into the game. It might hold off on it for a little while, but rest assured, a lot of people in the industry will be keen to see how it’s return to the game moves from here.

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2014 Datsun GO

2014 Datsun GO

Mission control: The Datsun launch is a GO. I repeat - Datsun is GO for launch. Ignition sequence…

The re-launch of the Datsun brand took a big step forward with the reveal of its new budget car, the GO. This compact, five-door hatchback will spearhead Nissan’s ambitions across some of the largest developing markets in the world, starting with India and Russia in early 2014.

The Datsun brand will form the low-cost and extra-reliable rung of the Nissan family that also includes the Infiniti luxury division. Datsun wants a piece of the huge sales numbers achieved by Maruti-Suzuki and Dacia with an eye on future expansion across Asia, Africa and South America.

The new Datsun ethos is fun, youthful cars that are extremely practical. The marketing is lifestyle focused with strong appeals to youth culture and breaking away from the norm. New brands and segments are easier to establish among young shoppers with fewer brand loyalties.

The Datsun GO must carve a careful niche to maximize its success in the Indian home market, where the car was also developed and will be assembled. A low selling price is king but customers will spend more to get the features they need, like a tailgate that opens for luggage access and of course, air conditioning. The slow-motion failure of the unpopular Tata Nano is a cautionary tale for the new Datsun brand.

How will Datsun’s launch model perform in challenging market conditions?

Click past the jump for the full preview of the 2014 Datsun GO, a new generation of compact cars from the legendary Datsun brand.

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