• Defensive Passing

    defensive passing

Defensive passing might be one of the most dangerous things you will have to do as a driver, and gets more terrifying for the new drivers. The most important to know is to make sure you’re in the passing zone.

What would you do if you want to pass a vehicle? You would check your side mirror and your rear view mirror and if all was clear you would indicate and move off. Well, not good! Imagine this: you only look the mirrors to see if the road was clear to move, but that about the vehicles which are in your blind spot (that part of the road you cannot see, the part of the road and it sits between what is visible through the rear view mirror and your wing mirrors or side mirrors.)? So, what do you say now?

Try this! Find a place where cares are parked on both side of the road and park up! Now, count how many vehicle you can see both the rear mirror and the wing mirror. And next take a look over your left shoulder ad count again. This cars you couldn’t see while driving are your blind spot.

So this is what defensive passing is all about: how to check your blind spot, and when you will be able to identify this area you may pass.

Now, you see a vehicle travelling slower than the general traffic. Prepare to pass him! While approach it check your rear mirror, but do not speed up yet! Next increase your forward scanning distance beyond the vehicle you are going to pass and make sure there is room in front of him for your vehicle. Now, check again your rear mirror, there might be someone on a very big hurry! If everything is ok, be ready to pass it, increase your speed and do one last check of the vehicle in front. Now, you are ready, don’t you? Weel, no! What aboout your blind spot? Forgot about it, right? Now that you have remembered take a look over your shoulder, and now you can pass the vehicle in front.

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